Siemens IDS Roadshow Identifies Hot Topics for Customers

Siemens has been running a series of roadshows across the UK focused on integrated drive systems (IDS), and several ‘hot‘ topics‘ have emerged from those visiting the truck tour.

Condition monitoring (CM) was one of the most popular subjects people were interested in learning more about, both for themselves and for their customers across many industries.  Some cited wanting to learn more about how CM ties into the smarter factories of the future, by generating useful data that can be acted upon to make plants and factories run more efficiently and reliably.  Many people are working with older facilities that require upgrades in order to take advantage of this new smart data and so were also interested in retrofitting and migration issues.

Jason Peel is Siemens‘ Head of Strategy for Integrated Drive Systems: “Digitalisation is key when it comes to the next phase of investment in our IDS technologies. For IDS this is all about the lifecycle integration aspect, investing ahead in smarter embedded technology across the drive train to obtain useful intelligence on assets and reduce operational costs over the lifecycle.“

Jason sees embedded technology, which we embrace day to day – such as that now found within smart devices in our homes – as key to the future of integrated drive systems and smart data use in industry.    

Condition and torque monitoring, working demonstrations of integrated automation solutions, high efficiency motors mated perfectly with optimal couplings, gearboxes and failsafe positioning were just some of the topics roadshow attendees were looking forward to learning more about.  Many were facing industry challenges, such as the downturn in oil and gas and the uncertainties created around Brexit, and were looking at diversifying into new areas.  Others worked in areas that require rigorous safety and  environmental standards and were looking for products and systems that meet those criteria.

As Philip Howson from Underwoods, a control and automation distributor to mainly OEMs and end users, commented: “Our life is spent fighting downtime.  Looking at the whole system, from panels to CPUs, from sensors through to motors and mechanical components like gearboxes, it’s all about making everything more efficient and reliable.  IDS is great at bringing it all together.“  

Jack Ruffles, equipment technology technician at Port of Felixstowe, said there was an injection of younger engineers into industry that were more readily embracing newer technologies like smart data and helping to make a generation change in the workplace.  There were many areas where machines and equipment could do more and replace people, improving safety at the same time.

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PHOTO-CAPTION: The Siemens truck on the recent IDS tour

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