Sierra Trading Post Fulfills Orders with 99.9% Accuracy

Cheyenne, Wyo., March 19, 2012 – Sierra Trading Post, a Top 100 Internet retailer, operates one of the most efficient, precise fulfillment centers in the retail industry.

"We stress accuracy, speed and efficiency," says Robin Jahnke, director of Fulfillment and Corporate Services for Sierra Trading Post. "We know that small improvements can help take the cost out of fulfilling orders, and we can ultimately pass those savings on to our customers."

On an average day, Sierra Trading Post fulfills about 6,000 orders. During the busy season, the retailer can process as many as 20,000 orders daily without sacrificing its accuracy rate of 99.9%. What's more, 94% of all orders leave the Fulfillment Center within 24 hours of purchase.

"Accountability is a major focus in our fulfillment center," says Adrian Marshall, Fulfillment manager. "Every team member feels ownership for their step in the process, and the result is getting the customer the right order as quickly as possible."

But it's not all about speed and accuracy at Sierra Trading Post; it's also about reducing, reusing and recycling. For example:

  • Solar domes, automatic lighting shut-offs, strategic light placement, Kal Wall translucent panels and white walls keep the space bright and reduce energy usage
  • Older metal halide lighting is being replaced with energy-efficient T-8 lighting
  • A silver reflective coating on the roofs and thick insulation reduce heat absorption
  • Motion-detector plumbing fixtures reduce water consumption
  • Recyclable outbound cartons, corporate stationary and air pillows are made of post-consumer recycled materials
  • A cold seal machine reduces packaging on smaller orders
  • Internal cartons are reused several times
  • Pallets are sent to an outfit that repairs and resells them
  • Paper, shrink wrap, aluminum, packaging materials and inbound cartons are recycled

"We take our commitment to the environment seriously, and we are constantly challenging our systems to see if we can do more while using less," says Jahnke.

About Sierra Trading Post

Headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyo., Sierra Trading Post is a multichannel retailer known across the globe for offering "Great Deals. Great Brands." Sierra Trading Post purchases overstocks, closeouts and 2nds from more than 2,000 brand names, and offers customers 35-70% savings every day. Founded in 1986, Sierra Trading Post has saved customers more than $3.5 billion off retail prices on outdoor gear, shoes, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, accessories and home furnishings. A top 100 Internet retailer in sales per Internet Retailer Magazine, Sierra Trading Post operates four outlet stores in Boise, Idaho; Reno, Nev.; Cheyenne and Cody, Wyo.; with customer service call centers in Cheyenne and Cody.





Quick facts

Sierra Trading Post fulfills 6,000 orders daily (average)
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94% of all orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase
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During the busy season, Sierra Trading Post can process as many as 20,000 orders daily without sacrificing its accuracy rate of 99.9%
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