38,000 healthcare employees in interactive training

In cooperation with the Västra Götaland Region in Sweden, Sigma has developed a new eLearning product. The aim is to increase know-how of personnel in dealing with persons with various functional disorders and disabilities. The product is an interactive training program designed for all employees in the health and medical care facilities in the region. The target group was estimated at 38,000 persons.

The Regional Council assigned the Disability Committee the task of carrying out the training in dealing with persons with functional disorders in cooperation with the health and medical care units. “The major challenge for us was to find a concept to reach such a large target group and to identify forms that are flexible and adaptable based on the varying conditions within the health and medical care area,” says Jan Terneby, Development Manager in the Västra Götaland Region. The eLearning solution that was developed provides users the possibility to carry out the training at their own pace and when time permits, while at the same time support is provided for central administration and follow-up of the training effort. The project, which will be conducted during all of 2006, is being monitored with great interest since it is the first time training is being carried out on such a large scale within the Västra Götaland Region using an eLearning tool. For further information, contact: • Karen Geiselhart, Key Account Manager, Sigma nBit AB, 0739-73 30 80 • Jan Terneby, Development Manager, department for the disabled and participation in the Västra Götaland Region, +46 (0)521 – 27 53 99 • Lena Jansson, Chairman, Disability Committee, Västra Götaland Region, +46 (0)705-56 17 84

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