Christina Hultmark Ramberg elected to Board of New Sigma

Christina Hultmark Ramberg, Professor of Commercial Law and internationally renowned specialist in e-commerce, has been elected as a new Board member of the exchange-listed company that it is proposed to be formed from the current operations of Sigma's e-solutions business area. "Christina brings with her many interesting perspectives of e-commerce, which is a priority area for the new company," says Sune Nilsson, business area manager for e-solutions and future president of the proposed listed company.

Christina Hultmark Ramberg is employed at the Gothenburg School of Economics and Business Administration, Gothenburg University, where she lectures in law and is mentor for doctoral students. In addition, she is often called upon to lecture in an international context and her assignments include membership of the Swedish government's IT Commission, the UN's Working Group on Electronic Commerce and a position as e-commerce expert for the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Christina Hultmark Ramberg is also the author of several books about e-commerce from a legal perspective and participates in Board of Directors' work for the Swedish Association of Share Investors and eCare AB. Commenting on her role as a Board member of New Sigma, Christina Hultmark Ramberg said: "This assignment will be both exciting and interesting. It is certainly an advantage for the Board that I am from the academic world and do not have connections with the prevailing business structure. Since e-commerce is increasingly crossing boundaries, it is also beneficial to be able to put a legal angle on activities, in order to define the risks and minimize them." Members of the Board of New Sigma: Dan Olofsson (Chairman), Christina Hultmark Ramberg, Konstantin Caliacmanis, Göran Larsson, Gunder Lilius and Sune Nilsson. All of those named, except Christina Hultmark Ramberg and Sune Nilsson, are currently members of Sigma's Board of Directors. Sigma is a leading supplier of consulting services in the areas of e-solutions, embedded solutions and engineering solutions. The three business areas are expected to be listed on the exchange as three independent companies by the summer of 2001. The Group, which has some 3,300 employees in 13 countries, focuses on solutions for interaction, innovation and integration. Sigma's guiding principle is to strengthen its customers' competitiveness and brands. ( ................. High- and low-resolution photos of Christina Hultmark Ramberg and others can be downloaded from under Press and Photo Archive. These may be used freely in Sigma contexts. ................ For further information, contact: • Sune Nilsson, Business Area Manager, Sigma e-solutions, Tel: +46-(0)31-725 47 00, mobile: +46-(0)703-79 15 28. • Christina Hultmark Ramberg, Professor, Gothenburg School of Economics and Business Administration, Gothenburg University, Tel: +46-(0)31-773 44 37, Mobile: +46-(0)708-28 28 61. • Dan Olofsson, President, Sigma AB, Tel: +46-(0)40-665 90 00, Mobile: +46-(0)703-79 13 75.

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