Interim report, January – September 2003

Sigma accepts costs with aim to strengthen 2004

• Sales during the first nine months of the year amounted to SEK 538.5 M (881.5). Sales for the year-earlier period, excluding divested units, amounted to SEK 548 M. • Loss after taxes amounted to SEK 47.7 M (loss: 120.1), corresponding to a loss of SEK 1.23 per share (loss: 6.35). Write-downs and amortization of goodwill amounting to SEK 31 M (31) are included. • The loss (EBITA) for the first nine months was SEK 11.5 M (loss: 10.5). This includes costs for measurements implemented of approximately SEK 18 M (6), of which approximately SEK 8 M are attributable to the third quarter. • Cash flow in operations was negative in the amount of SEK 9.7 M (negative: 26.9). • Full-year forecast adjusted: Weaker profit (EBITA) than in 2002 (SEK 0.7 M). For further information, contact: Sune Nilsson, Chief Executive Officer, Sigma AB (publ), Tel. +46-31-335 67 15; Mobile: +46-703-79 15 28; e-mail or Lars Sundqvist, Chief Financial Officer, Sigma AB (publ), Tel. +46-31-335 67 16; Mobile: +46-703-79 22 02; e-mail

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Sigma supplies solutions that safeguard the customers' competitiveness. Operations are based on entrepreneurial, niche subsidiaries that develop services and products in close cooperation with customers.


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