Interim report January – September 2008

Sigma AB (publ)

New Sigma CEO implements efficiency measures

January – September 2008
• Sales SEK 1,020 M (1,006)
• Organic sales growth 4.5 %
• Operating profit SEK 39.2 M (9.3) *)
• Cash flow SEK 51.0 (43.2)
• Profit after tax SEK 17.5 M (loss: 5.9)
• Earnings per share SEK 0.20 (loss: 0,07)
• Earnings for the period have been charged with special costs of SEK 30.4 M. *)

July– September 2008
• Sales totaled SEK 284 M (290)
• Organic sales growth was 1.4 %
• Operating loss totaled SEK 6.1 M (profit: 10.2)
• Cash flow Neg. SEK 8.0 M (Neg. 9.1)
• Loss after tax was SEK 11.3 M (profit: 9.7)
• Loss per share SEK 0.13 (earnings: 0.11)
• Earnings for the quarter have been charged with costs for efficiency measure and additional shut down costs of SEK 11.8 M. To this should be added costs of SEK 7.3 M for the former CEO and President, together SEK 19.1 M.

• Håkan Karlsson took over as President and CEO on September 1.
• The previous outlook was that the 2008 operating profit would exceed the 2006 level of SEK 97 M. Following the implementation of the cost-efficiency measures, this outlook will not be achieved. Operations develop in accordance with plan. A new outlook will not be provided in prevailing market conditions.

*) In the third quarter have been charged with costs for efficiency measures and shut down and salary for former CEO and President. Previously taken costs pertain to offer costs of SEK 3.9 M and shutdown costs of SEK 7.4 M pertaining to France and Germany. Comparative figures for 2007 include goodwill impairment of SEK 50.4 M.

For further information, please contact:
Håkan Karlsson, CEO, mobile +46 (0)703 79 20 00, E-mail:
Lars Sundqvist, CFO, mobile +46 (0)79 22 02, E-mail:

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