Konstantin Caliacmanis increases engagement in Sigma - international organization strengthened and additional shares acquired

Konstantin Caliacmanis is one of the founders of the Exallon Group. In connection with Sigma's acquisition of the Exallon Group in 1996, Konstantin Caliacmanis became a Series A shareholder and a member of the Sigma Board of Directors. As part of strengthening the Sigma organization prior to the company's international expansion, Konstantin Caliacmanis has been appointed Director International Ventures. At the same time, Dan Olofsson sold 100,000 A shares to Mr. Caliacmanis. Following this transaction, Dan Olofsson has 4,048,004 A shares and 14,006 B shares in Sigma through Danir Utveckling. This corresponds to 49.6% of the share capital and 72.5% of the voting rights in Sigma. Konstantin Caliacmanis holds 254,000 A shares and 602,316 B shares in Sigma, corresponding to 2.3% of the share capital and 4.2% of the voting rights. The total shares outstanding in Sigma amount to 4,302,004 A shares and 32,233,617 B shares. Sigma is a leading supplier of consulting services in the areas of e-solutions, embedded solutions and engineering solutions. The Group, which has some 3,000 employees in 11 countries, focuses on solutions for interaction, innovation and integration. Sigmas guiding principle is to strengthen its customers competitiveness and brands. (www.sigma.se) For further information, please contact: • Dan Olofsson, President, Sigma AB, telephone +46-40-665 94 87, mobile: 0703-79 13 75. • Konstantin Caliacmanis, Director of International Ventures, Sigma AB, mobile: 0703-79 13 79.

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Sigma supplies solutions that safeguard the customers' competitiveness. Operations are based on entrepreneurial, niche subsidiaries that develop services and products in close cooperation with customers.


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