Notification of Annual General Meeting, May 3, 2001

• The Annual General Meeting will be held on May 3, at 5:00 p.m., in Sigma's premises, Dockplatsen 1, Malmö • Sigma changes name to Teleca AB • The Board proposes a separate listing of the Epsilon and Sigma subsidiaries • Cash dividend of SEK 1.10 per share proposed

Demerger of Sigma In January 2001, the Sigma Board of Directors announced its intention to implement a demerger of the Group, whereby each business area within Sigma becomes a separate, exchange-listed company. The reason for implementing the demerger is to promote continued growth and commitment and, as a result, the ability to create value for the shareholders. Sigma's new action program means that each of the three companies can focus on its own development possibilities, with the aim of becoming a leader in its area. The division of Sigma is proposed to be implement through a distribution (after writedown of share capital and the share premium reserve) of shares in the Epsilon AB subsidiary (currently the Engineering Solutions business area) and the future Sigma AB (currently the E-solutions business area) The distribution will be implemented through the shareholders in the current Sigma AB automatically receiving shares in the subsidiaries. For each A and/or B share held, shareholders in Sigma AB receive 0.24 shares of the same share class in Epsilon and 0.5 shares of the corresponding share class in Sigma. It is considered that distribution can be implemented with support of the so-called Lex Asea legislation, which means that the demerger can be carried out with no tax consequences in Sweden for Sigma and for Sigma's shareholders. Distribution of shares in Epsilon AB is expected to occur before summer 2001, while distribution of e-solutions as a result of securing district court approval is expected to be implemented after the summer months. The record date for receiving shares in the new companies will be determined by the Board of Directors of Sigma. Additional information about the three companies is presented in Enclosure 1. Further information, including more detailed accounting and balance sheets, will be forwarded to the shareholders in Sigma one to two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. Enclosure Notification of Annual General Meeting For additional information, contact: • Dan Olofsson, President, Sigma, +46 703 79 13 75. • Anders Johnsson, CFO, Sigma, +46 703 79 13 74

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