Sigma AB (publ) Preliminary outcome January-March 2013

Business volume has decreased but the margin increases. The result is slightly lower than the previous year, but adjusted for the number of working days it is better than the same period in 2012, see next column. The result is also burdened by costs related to ongoing offer with SEK 0.9 M. Operating profit excluding these costs amounted to SEK 25.0 (26.3) M and the margin to 7.6% (6.9).

  • Sales decrease to SEK 328 M (383)
  • Operating earnings amounted SEK 24.1 M (26,3)
  • Operating margin amounted 7.4 % (6.9)
  • Net debt was SEK 77 M (148), at year end 62

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Lars Sundqvist, CFO, mobile +46 703-79 22 02, e-mail:

Sigma is a long-term business partner wherever information technology makes a difference. We are a global actor with a Nordic base. We deliver the smartest solutions for our customers' business aims.Sigma is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has about 1500 employees in eight countries.

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Sigma supplies solutions that safeguard the customers' competitiveness. Operations are based on entrepreneurial, niche subsidiaries that develop services and products in close cooperation with customers.


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