Sigma acquires advanced DRG system for healthcare sector

Sigma is continuing its expansion of IT systems within the healthcare sector and has acquired an advanced DRG (Diagnostic Related Groups) system for grouping and payment of healthcare services. The market for the system is considered highly favorable, in Sweden as well as in the rest of Europe.

"Initially, Sigma will market the system in Sweden and Norway, and then subsequently introduce it in the rest of Europe, starting in Germany," says Håkan Mattsson, President of Sigma Kommun & Landsting. "The market for DRG systems is very substantial and with our unique supplemental function "Corrector," the market potential is highly favorable." Sigma acquired the system from Scandinavia Care, who developed the DRG system with the Corrector function. Sigma and Scandinavia Care will now cooperate in the presentation of the system at various hospitals. Further development of the system will be carried out in a jointly owned company. A number of county councils and hospitals use registered information as a basis for payment. The DRG grouping is carried out using software linked to the hospital's patient records system. To date, a relatively large margin of error in registration has created problems, particularly for hospitals that use the system as a basis for payment for healthcare services provided, Moreover, errors in registration provide an incorrect view of the healthcare that the hospital has produced. Through a unique supplemental function in Sigma's DRG system, Corrector, the number of registration errors can be reduced. If Corrector considers that the information registered is illogical or incorrect, the operator will be guided correctly by the system. Currently, there is no other software on the market with the possibility to make corrections in a comparable manner. Sigma Kommun & Landsting AB develops and markets information systems for the healthcare sector within municipalities, county councils and private healthcare providers. The main products are Patient 2000, Omsorg (Care) 2000 and e-Recept (Prescription) IT systems as well as intranet and Internet systems. Sigma delivers solutions and consulting services within the IT area designed to secure the competitiveness of the company's customers. Operations are based on entrepreneur-driven, niche-oriented subsidiaries, which develop services and products in close cooperation with customers. The Sigma offering is organized through the Business Solutions, IT Solutions and Information Solutions business areas. The Group has approximately 800 employees in some 20 subsidiaries in Sweden and three other countries. Sigma is listed on the O-List of Stockholmsbörsen (Stockholm Exchange). For further information, contact: • Håkan Mattsson, President, Sigma Kommun & Landsting, +46 703-79 11 24 • Magnus Sundberg, Scandinavian Care Consultant Services, +46 707-45 12 49

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Sigma supplies solutions that safeguard the customers' competitiveness. Operations are based on entrepreneurial, niche subsidiaries that develop services and products in close cooperation with customers.


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