Sigma delivers e-commerce system to – Sweden´s most visited e-commerce site

During the past three years, Sigma has developed and supplied an e-commerce system to, which sells music CD's on the Internet. The site is the most popular e-commerce site in Sweden, according to the MMCI Europe ranking company.

Ginza Music AB has advanced during the past four years from being a traditional mail-order company to a modern e-commerce company, with 80% of sales on the Internet. Sales currently amount to SEK 2540 million after a share rise in sales in recent months. In November, has 192,000 unique visitors, which resulted in the top ranking. "Compared with many of its competitors, Ginza has made relatively cautious investments. In the cooperation with Sigma, Ginza as a customer could weigh the value of each sub-function against the development costs while work was under way," relates Jackie Arlbring, President of Sigma eHandel, a subsidiary within the Sigma E-solutions business area. "This principle continues to apply in future work with Ginza." Sigma has also supplied an e-commerce solution to NetOnNet, another e-commerce site on MMCI's top-ten list. NetOnNet markets home electronics and is currently expanding in Europe with Sigma as a competence partner. Sune Nilsson, Business Unit Manager, at Sigma E-solutions comments: "As supplier, it is important that the customers perform a cost-benefit analysis of investments. Our strengths within e-commerce are advanced data systems and operational know-how." MMCI measures and reports traffic on the Internet. The current top-ten list is based on data collected in November 2000. Sigma is a leading supplier of consulting services in the areas of e-solutions, embedded solutions and engineering solutions. The Group, which has some 3,000 employees in 11 countries, focuses on solutions for interaction, innovation and integration. Sigma's guiding principle is to strengthen its customers' competitiveness and brands. ( For further information, contact: • Jackie Arlbring, President, Sigma eHandel, +46 322 66 90 01, mobile +46 703 79 15 81 • Sune Nilsson, Business Unit Manager, Sigma E-solutions, +46 31 725 47 02, mobile +46 703 79 15 28 • Marie Timmersjö, Marketing Manager, Ginza Music AB, +46 512 299 54

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