Sigma new digital communications partner of World Match Racing Tour


Sigma and the World Match Racing Tour have entered a partnership in which Sigma has been selected as the Tour's global digital communications partner. The partnership entails among other things that Sigma is taking responsibility for developing a new digital communications platform for the Tour. For Sigma, the partnership is a part of its positioning as an international supplier and of its initiative in the field of digital communications.  

The World Match Racing Tour arranges international sailing races and is based in London. As the digital communications partner of the Tour, Sigma gains exposure for its brand name as a Swedish IT company with an international presence while at the same time, can showcase its initiative in the field of digital communications. The initiative for digital communications entails that Sigma is packaging its traditional operations, with the focus on IT and technology, together with the latest in digital communications strategies.

The new communications platform will provide sponsors and partners with space to market themselves and offers the opportunity to follow the boats and teams during and after the races. Among other things, Sigma will work with couplings to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and create a press center to assist the media in covering the Tour through press packages, videos, analyses, statistics, historical information, images, etc.

"As a leading international sailing tour, we're always looking to improve all parts of our operations and in particular our communications – regardless of whether this concerns how we communicate with fans or the media, or how we deliver new platforms for our partners," says Tour CEO Jim O´Toole. The partnership with Sigma takes the Tour's communications to a new level, and the first parts of the new platform will be in place before our first race of the 2011 season."

"We're honored that the World Match Racing Tour has chosen Sigma as its new digital communications partner," says Sigma key account manager Per Kündig. "The project and the partnership are exciting in many ways, not the least because both the laypeople and professionals around the world who follow the Tour need quick information and continual updates, which places additional demands on Sigma to develop innovative ideas and solutions. We like these kinds of challenges."
For further information, please contact:

Per Kündig, Key Account Manager, Sigma
Phone: +46 (0)702-669004

Jim O´Toole, CEO, World Match Racing Tour
Phone: +44 7921 020845

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