Sigma nominates HQ Bank as liquidity guarantor

Sigma AB (publ) has entered into an agreement with HQ Bank AB for HQ Bank AB to act as liquidity guarantor for the company’s share within the framework of the liquidity guarantee system of OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm AB (the Stock Exchange). The agreement will come into effect as of 2 November 2009.

The purpose of the liquidity guarantee is to boost the liquidity of the share and reduce the difference between the buying and selling rate of the company’s share in order to create improved opportunities for existing as well as new shareholders to buy and sell shares in Sigma. In short, the agreement means that HQ Bank will set the buying and selling rate for Sigma’s share on a rolling basis and undertakes, for its part, to buy and sell shares at these rates. Göteborg, 23 October 2009 Please put any questions to Lars Sundqvist, CFO Sigma AB, telephone +46 703 792202 or Cecilia Tydén, HQ Bank AB, Head of Equity Capital Markets, + 46 8696 20 37

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