Sigma Pleon initiates a cooperation to evaluate public services.

Sigma Pleon in Sundsvall has initated a cooperation with two students who have developed a method to evaluate public authority’s service and accessibility.

The two students, Markus Sundström and Anders Rönnqvist at the Mid-Sweden University in Sundsvall, were recently awarded a stipendium worth SEK 25,000 at the IT conference in Sundsvall for their fourth-term term paper that was selected as the university’s best within the research area of social information systems. 24-hour service The background to the cooperation is the government’s demand for all public sectors to improve the service to the public through offering accessibility 24 hours a day, all year around. To achieve this it is necessary for the public authorities to support the development of information technology and create services that the public can utilize 24 hours a day via the Internet. Previously, there has not been any satisfactory method to measure how far the various public sectors have progressed on the way to being 24-hour public authorities. However, thanks to Markus Sundströms and Anders Rönnqvists award-winning model, this is possible. Specific evaluation method Sigma Pleon, who has a cooperation with Mid Sweden University to develop new information systems within social research, has co-opted the two students and during the coming period will contact the various authorities in an effort to sell the evaluation method. In the end of November the method will be specifically examined by researchers within the research area of social information systems. “We believe that this is an extremely interesting model that, in a comprehensible manner, evaluates how the various public sectors fulfill the requirements of accessibility and service,” commented Eva Kristofersson at Sigma Pleon. The evaluation method is based on the premise that it is possible to clearly show, with figures and diagrams, to what level the authorities have developed services for the public, how far each area has progressed and what needs to be improved. The time that the authority needs to set aside is a total of two to three weeks for the group that has been appointed, among other activities, to participate in a work shop for a number of days and answer a questionnaire that is subsequently analyzed by Sigma Pleon. “It is very positive to have the opportunity to contribute and assist the authorities in their endeavor to provide a 24-hour service. The vision is that the evaluation method will eventually be a type of standard for all public sectors,” says Eva Kristofersson. For further information, please contact: Sune Nilsson, CEO, Sigma AB (publ), Mobile: +46-703-79 15 28; e-mail

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