Sigma signs agreement with Vida Packaging AB

- New business system helps company in expansive phase

Sigma and Vida Packaging AB have signed an agreement for a new business system solution. The solution will help Vida Packaging to achieve an improved flow, from purchasing and planning to completed shipment. The new business system will provide opportunities for effective and functional communications among Vida Packaging’s production units.

“We have expanded significantly in the past few years and have added to our operations by acquiring several competitors and suppliers. The various units have had different routines and work methods and in our efforts to standardize and centralize administration the need arose for an efficient business system. After an initial study, we chose Microsoft Dynamics AX, and as a partner we chose Sigma, which we viewed as a stable, long-term supplier,” says Marie Nilsson, Project Leader at Vida Packaging AB.

“It is very important to coordinate the various units of Vida Packaging, which currently work in different ways,” says Jonas Steffensson of Sigma. “By choosing Dynamics AX as our business system, we have set the standard for work processes. Integration with our financial system is also included in the project.”

Sigma specializes in business systems for distribution and production. Vida Packaging has broad visions and will continuously expand the use of the system so that it becomes the powerful tool that a business system can and should be.

About Vida Packaging
Vida Packaging AB is the leading producer of wooden packaging in the Nordic countries. Vida Packaging’s customers are located worldwide in a broad range of industries, including the telecom, transport, cable and automotive industries. Vida Packaging is part of the Vida Group, which is Sweden’s largest privately owned sawmill group and has about 1,000 employees.

For further information, contact:
Marie Nilsson, Project Leader, Vida Packaging AB, 0370 339902
Jonas Steffensson, President, Sigma Dynamics AB, 073 3514185

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