Sigma signs framework agreement with National Police Board

Sigma has signed a framework agreement with the Swedish National Police Board covering IT-related security services. "For obvious reasons, the customer has very high information security requirements. This is an area in which Sigma has invested in recent years and in which it offers services ranging from analysis and computer intrusion protection to training and documentation," says Marcus Isberg, customer account manager at the subsidiary Sigma Corporate Communications AB.

Information security is a growing area of interest for Sigma. For example, the company has developed specialist skills for security of operating systems and server environments, firewalls and communications security and encryption. The Sigma Corporate Communications subsidiary, which has offices in Stockholm, works with administrative system development, business planning, management and coordination of IT operations, as well as operation of networks and applications platforms in enterprise environments. Sigma is a leading supplier of consulting services in the areas of e-solutions, embedded solutions and engineering solutions. The Group, which has some 2,600 employees in ten countries, focuses on solutions for interaction, innovation and integration. Sigmas guiding principle is to strengthen its customers competitiveness and brands( For additional information, contact: • Marcus Isberg, Customer Account Manager, Sigma Corporate Communications AB, +46 8 553 91 244, mobile +46 703 79 05 56. • Bert-Ola Bångman, Vice President, Sigma Corporate Communications AB, +46 8 553 91 220, mobile +46 703 790 533. • Börje Roos, Purchasing Manager, National Police Board, +46 8 401 97 17.

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