Drumbeat publish white paper on infrared thermography in detecting energy efficiency

Drumbeat Energy Management publish a white paper on infrared thermography.

The dynamic new energy management business support service Drumbeat Energy Management has published a white paper on infrared thermography. The white paper is titled ‘Understanding infrared thermography: The role of thermography in detecting energy inefficiency’.

The White Paper explores the pros and cons of thermography in detecting energy inefficiency in buildings and how the technology is revolutionising energy efficiency assessments in the three areas that matter most – speed, accuracy and cost.

Thermography works by measuring a building’s surface temperature using non-contact infrared cameras. The thermal images produced display regions of varying temperatures in different colours, thus allowing property owners to see exactly where they are losing heat and, as a result, money. Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be quantified allowing for evaluation of the severity of the problems. It is most commonly used to identify missing or damaged insulation, thermal bridges and areas at risk from mould and condensation. The information provided by the images is enough to accurately identify the key areas a property owner must address to improve energy efficiency, be it draft proofing or replacing doors and windows, or the installation of insulation in cavity walls, solid walls or lofts.

So just how big a role does thermography have to play in the UK’s quest for energy efficiency? Drumbeat Energy’s Managing Director, Graham Mills explains:

“In light of the April 2018 deadline of the UK Energy Act, more and more property owners are assessing the technology’s benefits and drawbacks in their search for an innovative ‘game changer’ capable of helping them approach the future with confidence. The increased nationwide focus on energy efficiency has prompted an inevitable boom in technology for the ‘green market’. While many of the services in this crowded arena promise much but offer little, infrared thermography is one area that’s seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years, with projects ranging from large-scale commercial developments to single domestic dwellings.”

Download the FULL White Paper on Infrared Thermography here

Taking a completely fresh approach, Drumbeat Energy Management aims to transform the way that businesses and other organisations manage their energy consumption. It offers them a simple and effective approach, enabling them to become thoroughly proficient and self- sufficient in energy management in the shortest practical time.

The Drumbeat approach takes its clients through a simple 3 stage process on an energy management journey:

Stage 1 - Primary Energy Assessment

Stage 2 - The Energy Management System

Stage 3 - Achieving in-house Proficiency

The cost-efficient energy management support service will help UK businesses to better manage their energy in-house.


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About Drumbeat Energy

Drumbeat Energy helps organisations to become proficient and self-sufficient in the art of energy management. Drumbeat’s Energy Managers will work with your team to install a best-practice energy management system and provide energy management training. Drumbeat’s integrated energy management support is a stronger, lower risk solution than diverting your own untrained resources.  Drumbeat follows a route map of three key stages of your energy management journey, transforming your organisation from one with the ambitions to manage energy, to one which is proficient and self-sufficient in-house.

Stage 1 - Primary Energy Assessment

Stage 2 - The Energy Management System

Stage 3 - Achieving in-house Proficiency

Drumbeat is all about excellence in energy management. We provide sensible, practical energy management support and solutions.

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How big a role does thermography have to play in the UK’s quest for energy efficiency?See the Drumbeat white paper on infrared thermography.
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The White Paper explores the pros and cons of thermography in detecting energy inefficiency in buildings.
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