EECO2 delivering over £10 million in global energy savings to Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences sector

EECO2 has delivered over £10 million in global energy savings to the pharmaceutical & life science sector. 

Leading Energy Efficiency Consultancy EECO2 has delivered over £10 million in global energy savings to the pharmaceutical & life science sector.

The energy savings are displayed on their website at . The savings delivered to date amount to an astounding 252,217,127kWh and 91,564 Co2 tonnes. EECO2 have firmly established their position as a leading energy consultancy within the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector and work with global giants such as GSK, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Lilly and Novartis.

Founding Director Rob Wallace said:

“The core expertise & experience within EECO2 is not the usual ‘Consultant’ format as we all come from a design & build background, commercially grounded and totally focused upon the identification & cost effective delivery of identified energy savings. We validate energy savings and are able to demonstrate over £10 million in savings to date”

EECO2 use their acquired experience & knowledge to provide cost effective, energy & emission reduction solutions from initial opportunity identification through implementation & verification of savings. The Pharmaceutical Industry is heavily regulated. Historically HVAC was over designed with subsequent high running costs and carbon intensive facilities, exceeding levels required for compliance. As a result, facilities are operating in excess of the levels required for compliance at an ever increasing cost due to energy price rises.

Energy Experts at EECO2 have identified the following key challenges for the pharmaceutical sector; 

  • The need to compete with low cost manufacturers
  • The need to provide affordable high quality medicines to a global market place
  • The need to maintain profitability
  • The need to reduce carbon emissions
  • The need to respond to energy and carbon reduction legislation

To remain competitive, pharmaceutical companies can no longer afford to continue to run over compliant facilities that add no additional benefits to product quality. The EECO2 approach relies on identifying and reducing energy demand without compromising on product quality. The key to this requires the complete involvement of their clients’ key stakeholders; Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety.

EECO2 offer the following services to the global pharmaceutical sector:

  • Energy consultation
  • Energy kaizens
  • Bespoke site specific solutions
  • Identification of viable energy savings to implementation support
  • HVAC energy surveys
  • Energy monitoring (MEMU’s)
  • Project management
  • HVAC  redesign to achieve savings
  • Compliance documentation authoring and revision
  • Fume cupboard testing to BS EN 14175
  • Cleanroom commissioning (CIBSE Commissioning Code A)
  • Cleanroom testing to ISO 14644 (CTCB-I certified)
  • HVAC Validation
  • After Action Review (AAR) to identify best practice solutions.
  • Sharing of global experience and best practice.

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About EECO2

EECO2(Energy Efficiency Consultancy Ltd) offer global HVAC energy efficiency support, with expertise in pharmaceutical regulated environments. 

Services include:

Pharmaceutical Energy Services

Energy Monitoring Services

Energy Consultancy & Project Management Services

EPBD ComplianceSustainability & Renewable Solutions

Representatives from EECO2 are available for media interviews and speaking opportunities.  For all media enquiries on EECO2 contact: Kirstie Colledge, SMPR (Simply Marcomms Limited), 18 Generator Hall, Electric Wharf, Coventry, CV1 4JL, Tel: 0870 199 4044, Email:


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EECO2 use their acquired experience & knowledge to deliver over £10 million in global energy savings
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We validate energy savings and are able to demonstrate over £10 million in savings to date
Rob Wallace