Roto to showcase an alternative to classic roof windows at Ecobuild 2012

At the 2012 Ecobuild show, held from 20th to 22nd March 2012 at ExCel London (stand N521), the British Roof Window Division of the Roto group is presenting its Roto Designo roof window range, supporting its highly promising 2012 impetus with a policy of long-term growth.

The success of a recognised policy

Ever since the Roto firm was set up in Stuttgart in 1935, the Roto name has been synonymous with quality and high technology. It all began with industrial manufacture of the first tilt-and-turn fitting by Wilhelm Frank. Other major innovations followed, such as the first window with a tilt-and-turn opening system, or foldaway stairs.

Over the years, the Roto brand has built up a sturdy reputation for quality and innovation, in terms of long product service life and technological progress, with over 3,500 patents registered. Whether you look at the Roof Window sales subsidiary in the United Kingdom or the division's parent Company in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, throughout the Roto group you can see the same strong staff commitment, and the same clear strategic orientation. Roto makes a point of developing products that provide its customers with concrete advantages, and proposing a range of environmentally-friendly, top-quality products.

The last two years have brought full recognition of Roto's skills. The Company culture and the strategy implemented by the Roof Window Division's headquarter in Bad Mergentheim were rewarded in September 2010 by the 2010 German Industrial Excellence Award, and in March 2011 by the 2010 Factory of the Year award. Roto was the first industrial manufacturer to win both these well-known distinctions in the same year. The awards provided an opportunity to salute the performance of an innovative, dynamic firm in the construction materials sector and its staff's involvement in its success. The 2011 Best Employer in Germany prize won by Roto Frank AG crowned with fitting glory the well-deserved successes of two years of excellence.

Professional specialists at the core of its strategy

Faithful to the pioneering spirit and innovative approach of its founder Wilhelm Frank for over 75 years, Roto designs, develops and sells roof windows with high added value, as regards both energy efficiency and installation techniques; the latter are increasingly fast and easy for installers.

Throughout Europe, Roto puts all its energy into a successful partnership with installers and specialised distributors, and has positioned itself as the brand for professional specialists, by distributing products exclusively via the professional distribution network. This win-win strategy has enabled Roto to move well beyond keeping its place in a difficult environment; it is constantly increasing its market share. "In the UK in 2011, we concentrated on listening to our customers and accompanying them through the current changes in the building market. Our figures at the end of 2011 showed strong growth, reflecting the market's strengthening trust in Roto", said Thomas Dittmayer, Director General for Western Europe, with satisfaction.

Jason Foster-Jones, Sales Director, sets out the group's sales strategy for the United Kingdom over the coming years: "Since 2010, we have focused exclusively on the market of professional building specialists. In 2011, we were present at Ecobuild, and that further enhanced our reputation and enabled us to communicate with the general public about our positioning. This year, in 2012, we want to highlight our energy efficiency solutions, which constitute an ideal response to meet the current thermal requirements, our customers' expectations, and the end users' requirements as to convenience."

Another milestone for the Roto strategy in the United Kingdom is shorter lead and delivery times, moving even closer to its customers' requirements. The buffer stocks in the Rugby depot and on the premises of our carefully selected partner merchants have already enabled us to considerably shorten our supply lead times. 2012 will see further partnerships with merchants in the trade, thanks to implementation of a highly attractive discount system; it is reserved for our partner distributors, who put their trust in Roto, and with whom long-term commitments will enable us to set up win-win relations. The purpose here is not to ask them to sell Roto products exclusively; on the contrary, they are seeking to enrich their partner product ranges and display Roto roof windows alongside other manufacturers’ products in their showrooms. That way, precisely, Roto will be able to highlight the undeniable advantages of Roto Designo roof windows.

Roto Designo – A different way of seeing roof windows

As a partner of the roofing trade for over forty years, Roto has always gone the extra mile along the Research and Development road to provide increasingly advanced technical expertise and suitable solutions to meet its professional customers' requirements. The approach is currently reflected in a range of top-quality products that help to protect the environment and enhance user well-being every day.

Making the most of its considerable German know-how in the field of ecobuilding, Roto has invested heavily in the technical aspects of the Roto Designo roof window range, to make sure that it provides a convincing answer to the new thermal requirements of passive or low energy consumption buildings. With Designo, Roto presents the vanguard of a whole generation of roof windows developed on the basis of three main principles: ease of installation, energy savings, and comfort.

Roto Designo roof windows are set apart from their competitors by their easy, fast installation. The clip type assembly used for the exterior profiles (no screws!) saves a lot of time during installation, as does factory pre-assembly of the fixing angle brackets and the peripheral insulation system (optional pre-fitted insulating collar and vapour barrier as standard). Installing Roto Designo roof windows means putting trust in quality products "made in Germany", that are reliable, innovative and durable, developed by Professional specialists for Professional specialists.

Roto Designo roof windows offer solutions to address the issues surrounding the problems of energy efficiency and the thermal requirements of passive or low-consumption housing. To add to a wide range of double or triple low-emissivity glazing controlling the amounts of natural heat and light let in, there is a peripheral thermal insulation system pre-assembled in the factory to reduce thermal bridges (optional for Designo R7 and R4).

In addition, to avoid unwanted draughts, there is a vapour barrier fitted as standard; all of this provides a fine example of the technical progress made in Roto products at the service of energy savings. Roto Designo roof windows currently attain remarkable thermal transmission coefficients: Uw 1.2 W/m²K for standard double glazing, and Uw0.84 W/m²K with Roto blueLine NE triple glazing for the PVC Designo R8 range.

This does not mean that technical innovation has pushed the end user's comfort to one side. A single handle in the lower part provides all the functions (opening, ventilation, and cleaning) for maximum user comfort. Moreover, contrary to classic central rotation, the projecting, top-pivoting opening system provides a free panoramic view, and the open window leaves the interior living space completely clear. This gives Roto roof window installers an advantage that sets them apart from their competitors. With Designo, indeed, they can propose quality wood windows to their customers in pine, conservation style and golden oak. The PVC windows are available in white or one of the five timber effect options, are 100% recyclable, easy to clean and long-lasting, for new buildings or renovation work.

Whatever the model in the Designo range, the new generation is set apart by its harmonious design with flowing lines and rounded profiles, with no visible screws, and by an anthracite metallic grey exterior finish that blends in very well with the roofing materials currently available on the market.

Roto's undertaking

An alternative to classic roof windows is available at last! Roto is on the road to success in the UK, and it is pulling out all the stops to ensure strong long-term growth. Its decision to commercialise all its products exclusively via the professional distribution network means that Roto is seen as a real partner alongside its merchant and distributor customers. Every day, Roto UK's competent, efficient sales staff confirm their ability to listen and advise, from the beginning of work on a site right through to after-sales services. Roto has every intention of continuing along that path and embodying a different approach to upmarket roof windows, well into the future. So come right along to see us at Ecobuild ExCel London from 20th to 22nd March 2012, stand number N521.

Sales and media enquiries are welcome, please drop by our stand N521 to arrange an appointment or interview.

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About Roto

Roto Frank is an independent division of the German group Roto Frank AG, whose headquarters are located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart. With a turnover of 640 million euros, the Roto group has about 4,000 employees worldwide, while the Roof window division has 1,400 in Europe. The Roof window division, which has its headquarters in Bad Mergentheim, runs 3 production sites in Europe (Bad Mergentheim in Germany for PVC roof window, Lubartów in Poland for wood roof window, and Neusäß in Germany for foldaway stairs). 90% of the very high quality Roto products are "made in Germany", and they are all distributed exclusively via approved dealers and professional roofers. In the UK, the sales subsidiary and the RotoCampus training centre are located in Rugby, near Warwickshire.


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An alternative to classic roof windows is available at last! Roto Designo roof windows in the UK
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This year, in 2012, we want to highlight our energy efficiency solutions - Roto Designo Roof window range at Ecobuild 2012
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