DCM Engineering Foundry takes Compacted Graphite Iron lead in India

* First ever production of SinterCast-CGI components in India
  * CGI cylinder blocks delivered to passenger vehicle and commercial
    vehicle OEMs
  * Ongoing discussions for CGI production opportunities in both the
    domestic and export markets

[Delhi and Stockholm, 8 September 2009] - DCM Engineering, the
largest independent cylinder block and head foundry in India, has
become the first Indian foundry to produce Compacted Graphite Iron
(CGI) castings using the Swedish SinterCast process control
technology.   Produced during a two week trial that ended last week,
the SinterCast-CGI cylinder blocks, weighing from 40 to 175 kg, have
been delivered to passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle OEMs in
the domestic Indian market.  DCM commissioned the trial in support of
customer demand for CGI engine components, as new road infrastructure
and more stringent emissions regulations increase the demand for
improved engine performance.  DCM is also in dialogue with foreign
OEMs for the export of high quality Compacted Graphite Iron
castings.  With at least 75% higher tensile strength and more than
double the fatigue strength of conventional grey cast iron and
aluminium, CGI is ideally suited to meet future requirements for
engine weight, performance and durability.

"Together with SinterCast, we have succeeded to produce high quality
and defect-free CGI castings conforming to the international ISO
16112 Standard for Compacted (Vermicular) Graphite Iron from the very
first days of the trial" said Mr. J K Menon, Managing Director of DCM
Engineering.  "The positive experience from this initial trial
confirms the CGI series production capability of the DCM Engineering
foundry and provides confidence to our OEM customers, both in India
and abroad, as they develop CGI solutions for their passenger vehicle
and commercial vehicle engines."

"Following our market introduction in India in 2006, and the
establishment of a permanent SinterCast representation in 2008, we
are delighted to have now completed our first casting trial with DCM
Engineering.  The foundry clearly demonstrated the ability to provide
a high quality base iron and moulding medium for the successful
production of CGI cylinder blocks" said Dr. Steve Dawson, President &
CEO of SinterCast.  "We look forward to continuing to work with DCM
as we together support the CGI development needs of one of the
world's largest and fastest growing automotive markets."

Mr. J K Menon                       Dr. Steve Dawson
Managing Director                   President & CEO
DCM Engineering                     SinterCast AB (publ)
Tel:     +91-1881-500338/270808     Tel:     +46 8 660 7750
e-mail:  jkmenon@dcmengg.co.in      e-mail:  steve.dawson@sintercast.com
website: www.dcmengg.com            website: www.sintercast.com

DCM Engineering Limited  is part  of the  DCM group,  one of  India's
leading business conglomerates.  Located near Ropar, in the state  of
Punjab, the  TS 16949  certified foundry  has an  annual capacity  of
72,000 tonnes of grey iron castings.  The main products are  cylinder
blocks and heads,  delivered to  many of  India's leading  automotive
companies including Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors, Mahindra, TATA  and
others.  DCM  also  supplies  to many  foreign  automotive  companies
including Maruti Suzuki, General  Motors, Hyundai, JCB and  Perkins.
DCM's vision is  to become a  preferred supplier of  castings to  the
world's leading companies and is currently planning a new foundry  to
be built in southern  India to expand its  ability to supply  quality
iron castings to the domestic and export markets.

SinterCast  is  the  world's  leading  supplier  of  process  control
technology for  the  reliable  high volume  production  of  Compacted
Graphite  Iron  (CGI).    SinterCast   produces  a  variety  of   CGI
components ranging  from 1.6  kg to  17 tonnes,  all using  the  same
process  control   technology.    The end-users   of   SinterCast-CGI
components include Aston Martin,  Audi, Caterpillar, Chrysler,  Ford,
General Electric  Transportation  Systems, General  Motors,  Hyundai,
International Truck and Engine, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, MAN, MAN B&W
Diesel, PSA Peugeot-Citroën,  Rolls-Royce Power Engineering,  Toyota,
Volkswagen, Volvo and Waukesha Engine. The SinterCast share is quoted
on  the  Small  Cap  segment   of  the  Nordic  Exchange,   Stockholm
(Stockholmsbörsen: SINT).



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