Impro Industries adopts SinterCast technology for industrial power export production

·      Mini-System 3000 to be installed at Impro Industries foundry in China
·      Series  production of industrial  power engine components  for the export
·      Continued growth in Asia, with fourteen installations in China, Japan and

[Stockholm,  25 August  2014] -  Following  successful  product  development and
product  validation,  Impro  Industries  (Yixing)  Company,  Ltd. has acquired a
SinterCast  licence  in  preparation  for  the  start  of  series  production of
Compacted  Graphite Iron (CGI) industrial power  components.  Under the terms of
the  agreement, SinterCast will supply a Mini-System 3000 process control system
and  will  provide  engineering  support  to  establish a robust process for the
production  of  CGI  components  conforming  to  the  international  ISO  16112
standard.   The  SinterCast  installation  will  enable  Impro Industries, which
specialises  in  heavy-duty  and  industrial  power  castings,  to  produce  CGI
components for the export market at its foundry in Yixing, Shiangsu, China.  The
Mini-System  3000 will  be  shipped  during  August  2014 and  is  planned to be
commissioned  during the fourth  quarter of 2014.  Initial  series production is
expected to begin before year-end.

"This  agreement  marks  our  eighth  installation  in  China and our fourteenth
installation  in the important  Asian market, broadening  our presence and brand
awareness,  and  providing  new  opportunities  to  increase  our  production of
components in the industrial power sector" said Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO
of  SinterCast.  "Approximately 10% of SinterCast's current series production is
derived  from components  other than  automotive cylinder  blocks and heads, and
this installation reinforces the opportunity to maintain this contribution level
as  the core automotive market continues to grow.  We look forward to supporting
the  series production  launch of  the first  component destined  for the export
market,   and   to  increasing  our  presence  in  the  off-road,  construction,
agriculture, rail, marine and stationary power industries."

For more information:

 Dr. Steve Dawson

 President & CEO

 SinterCast AB (publ)

 Tel:    +46 8 660 7750


Impro  Industries is one of China's leading producers of iron castings for high-
horsepower  and  heavy-duty  engine  applications  and  of  precision engineered
components  for  the  automotive,  hydraulic,  marine,  aerospace and healthcare
markets.   Impro Industries  produces a  wide-range of  sand cast and investment
cast  components  and  machined  parts,  offering  solutions  to  the  precision
component  needs  of  a  wide  variety  of  customers in the domestic and export
markets.  For more information:

SinterCast is the world's leading supplier of process control technology for the
reliable  high volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI). With at least
75% higher  tensile strength, 45% higher stiffness  and approximately double the
fatigue strength of conventional grey cast iron and aluminium, CGI allows engine
designers  to improve  performance, fuel  economy and  durability while reducing
engine  size, weight, noise  and emissions. The  SinterCast technology, with 40
installations  in 12 countries, is  primarily used for  the production of petrol
and diesel engine cylinder blocks and exhaust components for passenger vehicles;
medium-duty  and heavy-duty cylinder  blocks and heads  for commercial vehicles;
and,   industrial  power  engine  components  for  marine,  rail,  off-road  and
stationary  engine applications. SinterCast's series production components range
from  2 kg to 9 tonnes,  all using the  same proven process control technology.
The  SinterCast share is quoted on the Small Cap segment of the Stockholm NASDAQ
OMX   stock   exchange   (Stockholmsbörsen:   SINT).   For   more   information:



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