SinterCast Pre-emptive Rights Issue Successfully Completed

[Stockholm,  18  September  2009]   -  SinterCast  has   successfully
completed  a  pre-emptive  rights   issue  of  shares  and   warrants
(collectively referred to as 'Units'), resulting in a cash  injection
of SEK 23.1 million, prior  to transaction costs.  The  participation
in the  rights  issue  was  very strong,  with  863,293  Units  being
subscribed to via the exercise of unit rights, corresponding to 93.3%
of the total number of Units available.  An additional 741,464  Units
were subscribed  for  without pre-emptive  rights,  corresponding  to
80.1% of the total number of  Units.  Accordingly, a total of  173.4%
of the total  number of Units  were subscribed to  during the  rights
issue subscription period that ended on 14 September 2009.

The fully subscribed rights issue  initially increases the number  of
shares by  925,483, resulting  in a  new total  number of  SinterCast
shares of  6,478,383 -  an increase  of 16.7%.   Likewise, the  share
capital has increased by SEK 925,483 to a total of SEK 6,478,383.  In
the event  that the  associated warrants  are exercised,  during  the
period 1-30 September  2010 at  a price of  SEK 25  per warrant,  the
number of shares will  increase by a further  462,741 shares and  the
share capital will likewise increase  by SEK 462,741.  Full  exercise
of the warrants in September 2010  will result in an additional  cash
injection of SEK 11.6 million, prior to transaction costs.  Every two
warrants entitle the holder to subscribe to one share.

Individuals who have subscribed  to Units without pre-emptive  rights
will be allocated Units in accordance with the principles defined  in
the  Prospectus.   Contract  notes   to  the  individuals  who   have
subscribed to Units  without pre-emptive  rights are  expected to  be
issued on approximately 18 September 2009. Only those individuals who
receive an allocation of Units will be informed.

As soon as the increase in  share capital has been registered by  the
Swedish Companies Registration Office,  the paid subscribed Units  in
the rights issue will  be converted to shares  and warrants. The  new
shares are  estimated to  be accessible  on accounts  and subject  to
trading on  NASDAQ  OMX  Stockholm  on 9  October  2009.  Trading  in
warrants is estimated to commence in the middle of October 2009.

Financial Advisor
Remium  AB  has  served  as   financial  adviser  to  SinterCast   in
conjunction with the pre-emptive rights issue.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors,

Dr. Steve Dawson
President & CEO
SinterCast AB (publ)
Tel:    +46 8 660 7750

SinterCast  is  the  world's  leading  supplier  of  process  control
technology for  the  reliable  high volume  production  of  Compacted
Graphite Iron (CGI). With at  least 75% higher tensile strength,  45%
higher stiffness  and approximately  double the  fatigue strength  of
conventional  grey  cast  iron  and  aluminium,  CGI  allows   engine
designers to improve performance,  fuel economy and durability  while
reducing engine weight,  noise and emissions.  SinterCast produces  a
variety of CGI components ranging from  2 kg to 17 tonnes, all  using
the same process control technology.  The end-users of SinterCast-CGI
components include  Aston Martin,  Audi, Caterpillar,  Chrysler,  DAF
Trucks, Ford, Ford-Otosan,  General Electric Transportation  Systems,
General Motors,  Hyundai, Navistar,  Jaguar,  Kia, Land  Rover,  MAN,
Porsche, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Renault, Rolls-Royce Power Engineering,
Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and  Waukesha Engine. The SinterCast  share
is quoted  on the  Small  Cap segment  of  the Nordic  Exchange  OMX,
Stockholm (Stockholmsbörsen: SINT).



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