SinterCast Results July-September 2014

            Record series production in September and third quarter
Third Quarter 2014
  * Revenue for Period: SEK 13.4 million (SEK 14.0 million)
  * Operating Result: SEK 3.1 million (SEK 2.3 million)
  * Earnings per Share: SEK 0.5 per share (SEK 0.3 per share)
  * Cashflow from Operations: SEK 2.6 million (SEK 1.3 million)
  * Record series production of 1.95 million Engine Equivalents in September
  * Record series production for third quarter with 10% year-on-year increase
  * New installation secured at Impro Industries in China for industrial power
  * Ford 2.7 litre petrol engine performance confirmed with 325 horsepower and
    508 Nm of torque

2014 Year-to-Date
  * Revenue: SEK 38.9 million (SEK 37.5 million)
  * Operating Result: SEK 6.7 million (SEK 5.2 million)
  * Earnings per Share: SEK 1.2 per share (SEK 0.9 per share)
  * Cashflow from Operations: SEK 3.5 million (SEK 6.8 million)
  * Installed Base: 23 fully automated systems and 16 mini-systems in Europe,
    Asia and the Americas

Series Production*

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Annualised  series  production  reached  1.80 million  Engine Equivalents in the
third  quarter,  providing  a  10% year-on-year  increase.  Series production in
September  established  an  all-time  annualised  record  of 1.95 million Engine

*  Annualised average  production of  Engine Equivalents  during the  quarter (1
Engine Equivalent = 50 kg)

CEO Comments

Record series production in September and third quarter
Series  production  in  September  approached  the two million Engine Equivalent
milestone with record annualised production of 1.95 million Engine Equivalents.
The  strong September production buoyed  the traditionally lower summer shutdown
months   to   provide   record   quarterly  production  of  1.80 million  Engine
Equivalents, resulting in three consecutive quarters of record series production
and  a 10% year-on-year increase.   The outlook remains  positive in each of the
passenger   vehicle,   commercial  vehicle  and  industrial  power  sectors,  as
competitive  benchmarks and market awareness continue  to grow.  It is estimated
that  the current  series production  programmes have  the potential  to provide
approximately 2.5 million Engine Equivalents at mature volume.

Each  of the  top five  series production  programmes posted  yearly high volume
during   September,   as  improving  automotive  sales  and  lower  fuel  prices
contributed to increased passenger vehicle sales in Europe and increased pick-up
sales  in North America.  European commercial  vehicle volumes also increased as
the ramp up of new Euro 6 emissions vehicles continued during the quarter.

Revenue  for the  third quarter  is lower  than revenue  in the third quarter of
2013, but this is due to the record installation performance achieved in 2013.
All  other  metrics,  including  series  production,  consumables,  CGI  product
development  intensity and  the overall  market acceptance  of CGI have improved
considerably and provide a positive outlook for future growth.

North  American pick-up applications  continue to provide  increased volumes and
future  growth potential.   Series production  of the  Ford 2.7 litre  V6 petrol
engine  began to make a  larger contribution to the  total volume, as production
increased  in advance  of the  announced start  of model  year 2015 F150 pick-up
sales  in December.  In parallel, Ford has publicly confirmed that the 2.7 litre
engine  will provide  325 horsepower and  508 Nm of  torque and journalist drive
reports  have been consistently  positive about the  performance, refinement and
driveability  of the engine.   Also during September,  Ram introduced changes in
its  Michigan truck plant that enable an increase in capacity and an increase of
the  diesel build capability.  This development is in agreement with the planned
increase  of engine production presented by Mr Raffaele De Vivo, President of VM
Motori   North   America,   at  SinterCast's  2014 AGM.   Ram  has  stated  that
approximately  60% of diesel sales have been conquest customers from rival truck
brands.   This pressure, in the traditionally loyal pick-up sector, may motivate
diesel responses from other OEMs.

New installation for industrial power sector
During  the period, Impro  Industries in China  acquired a SinterCast licence in
preparation  for the start of series production of industrial power components.
A  Mini-System 3000 has  been delivered  and the  installation is  planned to be
commissioned  during the  fourth quarter,  with production starting thereafter.
The  SinterCast  installation,  together  with  engineering support, will enable
Impro Industries, which specialises in heavy-duty and industrial power castings,
to produce CGI components conforming to the international ISO 16112 standard for
the  export  market.   The  agreement  marks SinterCast's eighth installation in
China  and fourteenth installation in Asia, broadening SinterCast's presence and
brand  awareness, and providing additional opportunities to increase SinterCast-
CGI production in the industrial power sector.

Ductile Iron technology
Development  of the ductile  iron technology continued  through the quarter with
intensified  training of  new R&D  personnel, foundry  trials, data analysis and
application  programming.   Further  field  trials  will be conducted during the
fourth  quarter at selected  foundries in Europe  and discussions are ongoing to
establish  reference case studies for prolonged  trials during the first half of
2015.  The  SinterCast ductile iron technology is expected to provide additional
benefit  to customers by  reducing magnesium consumption,  improving mould yield
and reducing casting defects in the foundry, and by improving machinability.

Financial Summary

Revenue  for the  SinterCast Group  relates primarily  to income from equipment,
series production and engineering service.

 Revenue Breakdown              July - September            January - September

 (Amounts in SEK million if not   2014      2013   2014                    2013
 otherwise stated)
 Number    of   Sampling   Cups 28,700    27,800 94,800                  89,900

 Equipment (1)                     1.1       3.2    3.8                     5.9

 Series Production (2)            11.9      10.5   33.9                    30.2

 Engineering Service( 3)           0.3       0.3    1.1                     1.2

 Other                             0.0       0.0    0.1                     0.2
 Total                            13.4      14.0   38.9                    37.5

 Notes: 1. Includes  revenue from  system sales  and leases  and sales of
           spare parts

        2. Includes   revenue   from  production  fees,  consumables  and
           software licence fees

        3. Includes  revenue from  technical support,  on-site trials and
           sales of test pieces

July-September  2014 revenue  amounted  to  SEK 13.4 million (SEK 14.0 million).
Revenue  from series production increased by  13% to SEK 11.9 million (SEK 10.5
million),  due  to  record  annualised  series production of approximately 1.80
million  (1.60 million) annualised Engine Equivalents during the quarter and the
increased shipment of 28,700 (27,800) Sampling Cups.  During the period, a Mini-
System  3000 was shipped  to Impro  Industries foundry  in China.   However, the
total  revenue  for  the  quarter  was  lower due to the heightened installation
activity  during the third quarter of 2013.  Engineering Service amounted to SEK
0.3 million (SEK 0.3 million).

January-September  2014 revenue amounted to SEK 38.9 million (SEK 37.5 million).
 Revenue  from series production increased by 12% to SEK 33.9 million (SEK 30.2
million)  due  to  increased  production  and Sampling Cup shipments.  Equipment
revenue amounted to SEK 3.8 million (SEK 5.9 million), following the shipment of
a  Mini-System 3000 to Impro Industries foundry  in China and a System 3000 Plus
to  one  of  China's  largest  automotive  component conglomerates.  Engineering
Service amounted to SEK 1.1 million (SEK 1.2 million) following support provided
to various customers globally and the sale of test pieces.  The revenue from the
leased installations is accrued over the lease period.

The  business  activities  of  SinterCast  are  best  reflected by the Operating
Result.  This is because the "Result for the period after tax" and the "Earnings
per  Share"  are  influenced  by  the  financial  income  and  costs  and by the
revaluation of tax assets.

 Results Summary                           July - September January - September

 (Amounts  in SEK million if not otherwise 2014        2013 2014           2013
 Operating Result                           3.1         2.3  6.7            5.2

 Result for the period after tax            3.5         2.4  8.6            6.0

 Earnings per Share (SEK)                   0.5         0.3  1.2            0.9

The  July-September 2014 Operating  Result of  SEK 3.1 million (SEK 2.3 million)
increased  as  a  result  of  higher  gross  results  of SEK 0.5 million, higher
operational  expenses  of  SEK  0.3 million  and  higher  other operating income
(exchange gains) of SEK 0.6 million.

The  Result  for  the  period  after  tax  amounted to SEK 3.5 million (SEK 2.4
million),  primarily related to the increase in the Operating Result of SEK 0.8
million,  the increased financial  net of SEK  0.4 million and the decreased tax
income of SEK 0.1 million.

The January-September 2014 Operating Result of SEK 6.7 million (SEK 5.2 million)
increased  as  a  result  of  higher  gross results of SEK 1.5 million primarily
derived  from higher revenue,  combined with higher  operational expenses of SEK
0.7 million and increased operating income (exchange gains) of SEK 0.7 million.

The  Result  for  the  period  after  tax  amounted to SEK 8.6 million (SEK 6.0
million),  primarily  related  to  the  increased  operating  result of SEK 1.5
million,  the  increased  financial  net  of SEK 0.9 million (primarily exchange
gains),  and increased tax income amounting to SEK 0.2 million, primarily due to
the deferred tax adjustment.

Deferred Tax Asset
Tax  amounted to SEK 0.9 million  (SEK 0.7 million) during the January-September
2014 period, primarily explained by the SEK 1.0 million increase in the deferred
tax  asset during the  second quarter (SEK  0.8 million during the first quarter
2013).  The  estimated future taxable profit  and deferred tax asset calculation
is  reassessed every  quarter. As  of 30 September  2014, SEK 133.3 million (SEK
128.5 million)  of SinterCast's total carried-forward  tax losses have been used
as  the basis  of the  updated calculation,  resulting in  SEK 29.3 million (SEK
28.3 million) being capitalised as a deferred tax asset.

Cashflow, Liquidity and Investments

 Cashflow Summary                          July - September January - September

 (Amounts  in SEK million if not otherwise 2014        2013 2014           2013
 Cashflow  from operations,  before change  3.3         2.8  7.3            6.3
 in working capital

 Change in working capital                 -0.7        -1.5 -3.8            0.5
 Cashflow from operations, after change in  2.6         1.3  3.5            6.8
 working capital

 Cashflow from investing activities        -0.5        -0.2 -0.8           -0.5
 Cashflow from financing activities           -           - -8.5           -7.0
 Cashflow total                             2.1         1.1 -5.8           -0.7

 Liquidity                                 42.0        34.7 42.0           34.7

July-September 2014 cashflow from operations, before changes in working capital,
increased by 18% to SEK 3.3 million (SEK 2.8 million).  Cashflow from operations
after  changes  in  working  capital  amounted  to  SEK  2.6 (SEK  1.3 million),
primarily  related to,  compared to  the same  period last year, higher cashflow
from  operations before changes in  working capital (SEK 0.5 million), increased
cashflow  from receivables (SEK 0.3 million), increased cashflow from stock (SEK
0.1 million)  and  increased  cashflow  from  operating  liabilities  (SEK  0.4
million).  Following investments of SEK  0.5 million, primarily from new patents
(SEK  0.2 million), the total  cashflow result amounted  to SEK 2.1 million (SEK
1.1 million).

January-September  2014 cashflow  from  operations,  before  changes  in working
capital,  increased by 16% to  SEK 7.3 million (SEK  6.3 million). The increased
cashflow  is  primarily  due  to  higher  operating  results of SEK 1.5 million.
Cashflow  from operations after  changes in working  capital was SEK 3.5 million
(SEK  6.8 million), primarily related to, compared to the same period last year,
increased cashflow from operations before changes in working capital of SEK 1.0
million,  decreased  cashflow  from  receivables  (SEK  0.4 million),  decreased
cashflow  from  stock  (SEK  0.9 million)  and decreased cashflow from operating
liabilities  (SEK 3.0 million). Following  the dividend of  SEK 8.5 million (SEK
7.0 million), the total cashflow result for the period was SEK -5.8 million (SEK
-0.7  million), resulting in SEK 42.0 million (SEK 34.7 million) in liquidity on
30 September  2014. Investments,  including  new  patents,  amounted to SEK 0.8
million  (SEK 0.6 million) during the period, of which SEK 0.8 million (SEK 0.5
million) resulted in cash outflow.

Risks and Uncertainty Factors
The main uncertainty factor for SinterCast continues to be the timing of the CGI
market  ramp-up. This primarily depends on OEM decisions for new CGI engines and
other  components, the global economy for  new vehicle sales, and the individual
sales success of vehicles equipped with SinterCast-CGI components.

The  global economy has  developed differently in  Europe, Asia and the Americas
over  the  last  few  years.  The  Asian  and  European economies continue to be
uncertain  and this may impact passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle sales in
these  regions.  However  consumer  confidence  has  recently increased in North
America and SinterCast has benefitted from increased vehicle sales. SinterCast's
geographical diversification helps to mitigate changing macroeconomic conditions
in the different regions.

SinterCast  enjoys global  brand recognition  and respect  as the CGI technology
leader  and is welcomed by  the industry as a  reliable and trustworthy partner.
However,  virtually every company  encounters competition, and  SinterCast is no
exception.   SinterCast  judges  that  its  technology  and engineering know-how
provides  the most reliable and cost-effective solution for series production of
high quality CGI.

New powertrain technologies, such as vehicle electrification (hybrid and plug-in
vehicles)  and  fuel  cells  attract  significant  media attention; however, the
development and implementation of these technologies remain a long-term prospect
and  SinterCast does not expect these  technologies to have a significant effect
on the Company's competitive position for the foreseeable future.

For  full risk and uncertainty factor information, please see note 26 on p.46 in
SinterCast's Annual Report 2013

With  successful high volume CGI production in foundries located in Europe, Asia
and  the  Americas,  SinterCast  has  established  a  global  organisation  with
employees  and offices in  Sweden, the United  Kingdom, the United States, China
and  Korea. A new Research Engineer joined the Company during the period.  As of
30 September  2014, the Group  had 19 (17)  employees, four  (three) of whom are
female.  The Company is well positioned  to support global market activities and
to drive SinterCast's future growth.
Parent Company
SinterCast  AB (publ) is  the Parent Company  of the SinterCast  Group, with its
registered  office located in Stockholm, Sweden.  The Parent Company has 14 (12)
employees.  The majority  of the  operations are  managed by  the Parent Company
while local operations in the United Kingdom, United States, Korea and China are
managed  by the local  companies.  The information  given for the  Group in this
report  corresponds in all material respects to the Parent Company. However, the
result for the period may differ between the Group and the Parent Company due to
intercompany transactions between the Parent Company and its subsidiaries.

Accounting Principles
The  information provided on behalf of the Group in this interim report has been
prepared  in accordance  with Sweden's  Annual Accounts  Act and  IAS 34 Interim
Financial  Reporting. The reporting for the  Parent Company has been prepared in
accordance  with Sweden's Annual Accounts Act and RFR 2. The accounting policies
that  have been applied  for the Group  and the Parent  Company are in agreement
with  the accounting policies used in preparation of the Company's latest annual

No  material transactions have  taken place between  SinterCast and the Board or
the Management during the period.

Events after the Balance Sheet Date
There  have  been  no  significant  events  since  the balance sheet date of 30
September 2014 that could materially change these financial statements.

Nomination Committee
The  Nomination Committee, elected by  the Annual General Meeting 2014, consists
of  Karl-Arne Henriksson, Chairman, Andrea Fessler, Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist
and  Hans-Erik Andersson.   Shareholders wishing  to provide  input or proposals
should  provide  written  submissions  to  the  Nomination  Committee  (e-mail: before 18 March 2015.

Annual General Meeting
The  Annual  General  Meeting  2015 of  SinterCast  AB  (publ)  will  be held on
Wednesday 20 May 2015.

Shareholders  wishing to have a matter  considered at the Annual General Meeting
should  provide written submissions to or to the
Company:  SinterCast AB (publ), P.O.  Box 10203, SE-100 55 Stockholm, Sweden, at
least  seven weeks prior  to the Annual  General Meeting for  the proposal to be
included  in  the  notice  of  the  meeting.  Further details on how and when to
register will be published in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

The  Interim  Report  October-December  2014 and  Full Year Results 2014 will be
published on 11 February 2015
The Interim Report January-March 2015 will be published on 29 April 2015
The Interim Report April-June 2015 will be published on 29 July 2015
The Interim Report July-September 2015 will be published on 11 November 2015

Beginning with this report, all Interim Reports will be published at 08:00 CET

This report has been reviewed by the Company's Auditors
Stockholm 5 November 2014

 For further information please contact:

 Dr. Steve Dawson

 President & CEO

 SinterCast AB (publ)

 Office:  +46 8 660 7750

 Mobile:  +44 771 002 6342



Report of Review of Interim Financial Information

We have reviewed the condensed interim financial information (interim report) of
SinterCast AB (publ) as of 30th of September 2014 and the nine-month period then
ended. The Board of Directors and the CEO are responsible for the preparation
and presentation of the interim financial information in accordance with IAS 34
and the Swedish Annual Accounts Act. Our responsibility is to express a
conclusion on this interim report based on our review.

Scope of Review
We conducted our review in accordance with the International Standard on Review
Engagements ISRE 2410, Review of Interim Report Performed by the Independent
Auditor of the Entity.  A review consists of making inquiries, primarily of
persons responsible for financial and accounting matters, and applying
analytical and other review procedures. A review is substantially less in scope
than an audit conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing,
ISA, and other generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden. The procedures
performed in a review do not enable us to obtain assurance that we would become
aware of all significant matters that might be identified in an audit.
Accordingly, we do not express an audit opinion.

Based on our review, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe
that the interim report is not prepared, in all material respects, in accordance
with  IAS 34 and the Swedish Annual Accounts  Act, regarding the Group, and with
the Swedish Annual Accounts Act, regarding the Parent Company.

Stockholm, 5 November 2014

Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB

Tobias Stråhle
Authorised Public Accountant

SinterCast is the world's leading supplier of process control technology for the
reliable  high volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI). With at least
75% higher  tensile strength, 45% higher stiffness  and approximately double the
fatigue strength of conventional grey cast iron and aluminium, CGI allows engine
designers  to improve  performance, fuel  economy and  durability while reducing
engine  size, weight, noise  and emissions. The  SinterCast technology, with 39
installations  in 12 countries, is  primarily used for  the production of petrol
and diesel engine cylinder blocks and exhaust components for passenger vehicles,
medium-duty  and heavy-duty cylinder  blocks and heads  for commercial vehicles,
and industrial power engine components for marine, rail, off-road and stationary
engine  applications. SinterCast's series production  components range from 2 kg
to  9 tonnes,  all  using  the  same  proven  process  control  technology.  The
SinterCast  share is quoted on the Small Cap segment of the Stockholm NASDAQ OMX
stock    exchange    (Stockholmsbörsen:    SINT).    For    more    information:



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