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RE: First Orbit - Yuri Gagarin 50th Anniversary 12 April 2011

We now have some fantastic Broadcast Roll available for FREE to all TV and Radio Broadcasters as well as telephone, Skype or live interview opportunities with Christopher Riley over the next 48 hours.

Broadcast Roll includes;

1. First Orbit - Film trailer and various clips from the film (1.97GB) QuickTime Movie file.

2. First Orbit - Paolo Nespoli, Director of Photography & real life astronaut - various sound bites about First Orbit  filmed on International Space Station (1.93GB) QuickTime Movie file.

3. First Orbit - Christopher Riley, Director & Producer - various sound bites filmed in edit suite, Soho London (1.9GB) QuickTime Movie file.

Please contact us ASAP in order set things up for you in good time.

Many thanks


Christopher Riley, producer and director of First Orbit the new Yuri Gagarin film, which celebrates mans first space flight into orbit is to use to recreate Yuri Gagarin’s mission by tweeting everything that was said at the exact time 50 years on, this Tuesday 12 April 2011.     

Christopher Riley says; “It’s clear Yuri spoke in 'tweets’ as communications to the mission controllers were always brief and to the point.  Today a text-based tweet is composed of up to no more than 140 characters, so in essence Yuri was the first perfect tweeter”.

The First Orbit film recreates the Vostok 1 mission in real time, by filming Gagarin's original flight path around the Earth once more from on board the International Space Station and combining these new pictures with Gagarin's original mission audio.

The First Orbit 21st century re-creation of the Vostok 1 mission is being supported by the British Council, YuriGagarin50 and The Attic Room and will be timed to happen at exactly the same time as the original mission; blasting of at 06:07 GMT on the 12 April 2011.

Supported by the BBC's breakfast premiere of First Orbit on its giant City Centre screens across the UK, tweeters across the globe are being encouraged to follow the Gagarin mission on,(hashtag #orbit1) and through the “First Orbit” App which is now available from and

For further information please contact Rufus Stone T: 44 (0)20 7287 9601        


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