Royal Wedding, Regent Street Union Flags...more footage for broadcasters to use.

By popular demand we have filmed further shots of The Royal Wedding, Regent Street Union Flags for all broadcasters to use.

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Here is the YouTube code too, for all online subscribers who might like to embed the "Viral Movie" onto their own website.

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An inspiring display of 125 giant union flags will be flying high on Regent Street from Thursday 21 April – Monday 2 May 2011.  The gigantic flags will run all the way along from Piccadilly Circus in the south to beyond Oxford Circus to the BBC in the north.

Each flag is 4 x 2.5 metres in size and will hang from 25 crossings to celebrate the Royal Wedding, recreating a majestic architectural view of one of the world’s most famous historical shopping thoroughfares.

Annie Walker, Director of the Regent Street Association, which represents all the retailers on Regent Street says; “The flags create a glorious display of Britishness and we’re so delighted they are going up this week so all our visitors can enjoy the display over the next few weeks.”

The flag installation is taking place as London sleeps during the twilight hours each night from 8pm till 4am and additional red, white and blue bunting on catenary wires will suspend the flags across the street.

As The Royal Wedding fast approaches many of the shops and restaurants on Regent Street are also preparing for the vast numbers of international visitors arriving into London’s West end during the Easter break in the lead up to The Royal Wedding itself.

Belinda Earl, Jaeger‘s Group Chief Executive, comments: "We applaud The Crown Estate for highlighting the retail importance of Regent Street by celebrating The Royal Wedding and welcoming countless visitors from across the world and the UK into the heart of London and one of its most historic and vibrant shopping destinations."

For further information please contact Rufus Stone T: 44 (0)20 7287 9601        


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