I am very proud that we will be able to show a live demonstration of our exceptional RF performance. We have earlier stated that we would be able to support 64 QAM using our internal on chip SiGe VCO, and we will showcase modulations up to 256 QAM using the internal on chip SiGe VCO, this can be done due to state of the art low phase noise in the VCO. This is a unique feature that shows that we have a world class RFIC team. For our customers, we believe this can be a true differentiator and cost saver
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
It is a great opportunity for us to be able to show our antennas in the Sivers IMA demo set-up at MWC
Lars-Inge Sjöqvist, CEO of Gapwaves
It is an excellent example of two high-tech Swedish millimeter wave companies working together and supporting each other with great technology in a setting like MWC
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
We are very pleased and excited to join forces with IDT in conquering the growing IEEE 802.11ad infrastructure market and I am impressed by the joint work and cooperation performed by our teams so far. The combination of capabilities from the Sivers IMA and IDT products will create a solution exhibiting very high throughput, immunity against interference and outstanding link budget that will add value to any potential customer wanting to explore the use of the wide license free 60 GHz spectrum.
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
This collaboration with Sivers IMA is a reflection of IDT’s strategic focus, investments, and commitment to mmWave enablement within wireless infrastructure. We see great opportunities for utilizing the mmWave bands for access and backhaul applications.
Sean Fan, vice president and general manager of IDT’s Computing and Communications Division
With this new RFIC, Sivers IMA will take a crucial step in becoming a leading supplier of millimeter wave RFICs for data and telecommunication infrastructure solutions. With the state of the art technical performance and very high level of integration, Sivers IMA offers unique value to our customers.
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
It’s a great honor that Microwave Journal has chosen to highlight our V-band RFIC in this way. It gives us a fantastic exposure directly to our target customers. We now look forward to start delivery of prototypes during the current quarter to our key customers
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
The 9 GHz band is available license-free in many EU countries under the Short Range Device recommendations and has been an under-utilized band so far. The RS3410 X/00 represents a new approach for Sivers IMA radar products – taking advantage of pre-defined design blocks to dramatically lower cost. By reaching a lower price point Sivers IMA will be able address new segments with potential for large volume demand
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
The LPR is now available in the market, both in a version for measuring water level in streams, rivers and reservoirs, as well as in a version for wave measurement applications. It has been a great pleasure working with Sivers IMA’s FMCW radar front end, it provides great resolution and work very well in harsh environments, which is a perfect fit for CAE LPR product
Lorenzo Giandomenico, Technical Director of CAE
This design win is yet another proof point that radar becomes more and more commonly used in many different applications. Using radar for measuring distance, speed or positioning is receiving more and more traction within the use cases that Sivers IMA is addressing. I am very pleased that Sivers IMA’s technical radar expertise and experience from high resolution and harsh environments, has been able to help CAE develop an excellent and innovative product like the LPR
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
This project demonstrates that Sivers IMA is in the forefront in the mm-wave technology on silicon germanium, which is an excellent technology to challenge more expensive technologies such as GaAs (Gallium Arsenide). GaAs has until today been the technology that has been dominant for high output power PAs for E-band. Using the new DOTSEVEN technology Sivers IMA will be able to develop high output power SiGe E-band products for point-to-point links, at a unique price performance level
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
It is with great pleasure Sivers IMA now can launch a fully integrated RFIC in Silicon-Germanium. On top of this, we are proud to announce that we are the first in the world to include coverage of the new FCC V-band frequencies 64-71 GHz, which was recently made available in the United States. I am excited to see how this new circuit will be received by the market. Having the full transceiver in Silicon-Germanium for V-band, provides a fundamental platform, including the relevant building blocks, for our ongoing development of the WiGig RFIC, that will be released to the market in 2017.
Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA
“The Japanese market is very important and advanced when it comes to microwave and millimeter wave applications. It is of utmost importance for us to work with local partners that have a wide network and are well connected on the Japanese market to be able to explore this market’s high potential. After a thorough review of potential resellers, I am very pleased that we have signed a reseller agreement with NetWell Corporation. With their experience and network in this business they have an excellent position to bring our products to market. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership for both parties”
Anders Storm, CEO at Sivers IMA
“We are very excited about the product portfolio that Sivers IMA has and the road map they are implementing. We can see good and increasing market potential in Japan for this kind of technology and our experienced team is eager to take this to market. I look forward to working with the Sivers IMA team to make this a joint success”
Itaru Enomoto, CEO of NetWell Corporation
“This project shows Sivers IMA's capabilities to work with many of the best organizations in Europe in order to create a high‐speed point‐to‐point link prototype with very competitive performance”
Anders Storm, CEO Sivers IMA
The technology from Sivers IMA is a perfect match to the requirements set by these types of applications in the harshest environmental conditions. As a result of the joint development work with the Gigasense team, this design win will now result in a successful release of an end customer product on the market
Robert Ekström, CEO of Sivers IMA
During the development of Gigasense G2 we have cooperated and utilized the full capability of Sivers IMA’s expertise and experience within the microwave area. By doing so, we have created a unique solution with a perfect fit to our business. It feels very good to have established a long term agreement between us to secure deliveries and future cooperation around products and solutions from Sivers IMA
Maria Mörnborg, CEO of Gigasense
”This is yet another proof of our capabilities and the good quality and performance of our products. We are pleased with the expansion of our cooperation with SAF Tehnika and we are proud to support them in another successful product release”
Robert Ekström, CEO of Sivers IMA
“The proven performance and functionality of the Sivers IMA converters, made it easy to prolong our partnership and we look forward to continue bringing successful products to the market with Sivers IMA millimeter wave technology”
Normund Bergs, CEO of SAF Tehnika
“The Chinese market is very interesting and provides a significant addressable market for us. After having done a review of potential resellers I am therefore very pleased with our choice of moving forward with Matrix Electronic. With their expertise as well as network in this business they have an excellent platform from which to take both our radar sensor products and our converters to market. I am convinced that this is the start of a long and fruitful partnership for both parties.”
Robert Ekström, CEO at Sivers IMA
“We are very excited about the product portfolio that Sivers IMA has and the road map they are implementing. We believe the market potential is significant in China for this kind of technology and our talented teams are eager to take this to market. I look forward to working with the Sivers IMA team to turn this partnership into a success.”
Phil Nan, CEO of Matrix Electronic
”We are pleased that Sivers IMA has selected our HYDRA technology for its WiGig solution. The capacity of this partnership to provide a complete solution targeting radio links, access and GBTH heralds an exciting time for both companies as we see major opportunities emerging and can escalate our impact in this market. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership”
Henry Nurser, CEO at Blu Wireless Technology
”Solutions based around WiGig technologies are very interesting to us as they provide our customers with a more cost effective alternative to today’s telecom solutions. The agreement we have signed with Blu will give us access to its technology enabling us to offer a very attractive WiGig solution. We also intend to utilize derivatives of this technology for future 5G solutions - hence securing our road map”
Robert Ekström, CEO at Sivers IMA
“Commercially available motion sensing technologies, such as laser, Doppler radar, infrared and video are fraught with technical problems that limit their applications. They are either expensive and power-hungry, or inaccurate and unable to perform basic detection tasks like distinguishing a person from a pet. We see great potential in advanced radar technology and believe it will have a significant impact on the market in the years to come. We look forward to working with Sivers IMA to fulfill this need”
Luca Salgarelli, CEO of Inxpect
We are very proud in being chosen by one of the most experienced millimeter wave companies in the world. It is a testament to our capabilities and we look forward to contributing to the success of this partnership
Alvin Guzon, CEO at Cirtek Advanced Technologies and Solutions
We have evaluated the market thoroughly and found Sivers IMA’s converters to be the best alternative. We believe there is a significant market potential in the years to come and look forward to working with Sivers IMA
Normunds Bergs, CEO of SAF Tehnika
We are very excited to take on the Sivers IMA product portfolio. The Sivers IMA brand stands for high quality and is a perfect complement to our existing offering
James Doyle CEO of East Coast Microwave Distributors
The need for measuring distance, depth, speed or position in different products operating in harsh environments is growing and our radar sensors provide an excellent and cost effective way of doing that.
Robert Ekström, CEO
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