Skandia's sales successes continue

Skandia's sales successes continue Skandia's sales for the period January through August 2000 amounted to SEK 140.1 billion (84.9). Sales of unit linked assurance increased to SEK 98.4 billion (58.8), and sales of mutual fund savings products to SEK 39.4 billion (23.1). Sales increased during August, as did the rate of growth, compared with the month of July. The trend in sales growth rate is higher during the first quarter of the year compared with the second and third quarter, due to seasonal fluctuations. The rate of growth is also affected by the trend in the world's financial markets. Only a small portion of Skandia's sales are in Swedish kronor, therefore sales are affected by movements in the world's currency markets. Sales have been converted at average exchange rates for the period and were positively affected by currency movements compared with the same period a year ago, by 8 per cent. Converted at exchange rates in effect at the end of August, sales through August increase by another 4 per cent, to SEK 146 billion. In the USA, sales during the period increased to USD 9.4 billion (6.5), broken down into variable annuities (unit linked assurance), USD 6.3 billion (4.5), and mutual funds, USD 3.1 billion (2.0). In the UK, sales amounted to GBP 2.7 billion (1.3). Sales in Sweden were SEK 7.3 billion (3.7). Sales of unit linked assurance and mutual fund savings products in new markets amounted to SEK 10.0 billion (7.5). Sales figures for the month the September will be released on 10 October 2000. Comments from Lars-Eric Petersson, President and CEO of Skandia: "It is gratifying to report eight month sales that are already in excess of sales for the full-year 1999. "We are further strengthening and expanding our own sales organization, especially in the USA, in order to capitalize on the keen interest in our products and the growing number of external distributors. We are thus well poised for the future and are looking forward to continued sales successes." For further information, please contact: Ulf Spång, Executive Vice President and CFO, tel. +46-8-788 2905 Harry Vos, Head of Investor Relations, tel. +46-8-788 3643 Enclosure: Sales per month 1999 and 2000 Sales per 2000 1999 month (billion SEK) January 16.8 7.1 February 18.7 8.6 March 24.0 11.6 April 18.6 12.0 May 17.4 11.4 June 15.6 11.7 July 14.2 11.5 August 14.8 11.0 September 10.1 October 10.0 November 12.5 December 16.4 [Rmoved Graphics] ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: