Autumn and winter at Skansen 2013

After a long and intense summer season the autumn brings quiet sunny days and recreation. After that the Christmas is due and the year ends with dancing, shopping, celebration and general fun and Christmassy feelings.

In the end of September, on the last weekend 28 - 29, the Autumn market is held on the Summer meadow at the Skåne Farmstead. This is a picturesque market as it might have been in the mid 19th century.
Saturdays in September also offers concerts in the Seglora church at 2 pm.
On the weekend 7 - 8 of September the harvest of the forest is presented on the Bollnäs square. Experts talks about mushrooms and gives their best advice for cooking and preserving.
The following weekend 14 - 15 of September the harvest of the fields and gardens is on display, and on the weekend 21 -22 visitors can learn a lot about fish and fishing.
September ends with the lovely autumn market.
The first weekend of October deals with our daily bread. The bakehouse is open and the stone oven lighted - takes three days to get it going - and the baker in the Town quarter sells a lot of cinnamon buns.

During the rest of the month there´s talks about Swedish autors and improvisational theatre sessions for children. The last week in October is then dedicated to ghost, ghouls and witches. The children have their autumn leave and the dark afternoons makes a perfect setting for telling, and experiencing, life of old when magic and myths were real to people. The ghouls are present from the 26 of October to the 3rd of November.

From the 30 of November - Skansen’s Christmas celebration starts. On the weekends 30 ofNovember - 1 of December, 7 - 8, 15 - 15 and 21 - 22 of December the Christmas Market is held. On the 13th of December there is the traditional Lucia celebrations at the Temperance Hall and on the Solliden stage.
Skansen is open even on Christmas Eve from 10 am to 2 pm. Only the Seglora church and the Gubbhyllan restaurants are open but the snow, the quiet and the atmosphere is good enough reasons for a walk in the park. There´s also no fee on Christmas Eve as a small gift in Christmas time.
On the 25 of December the day starts early with a traditional morning service - julotta - in the Seglora Church at 7 am.
On New Years Eve the 31 of December the year at Skansen ends with entertainment and fireworks.

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Skansen is one of Sweden's leading tourist attractions with more than 1,3 million visitors annually, many of them foreign tourists. People come from far and wide to see the unique collection of historical buildings from all over Sweden as well as the Scandinavian wild and domestic animals and the exotic fauna at the Aquarium. Skansen has its own stage for concerts, a lively town quarter, a hot-glass workshop, other craft workshops, cafés, restaurants and shops; and a fantastic view of Stockholm. On our website you can find information in several languages.


The bakehouse is open and the stone oven lighted - takes three days to get it going - and the baker in the Town quarter sells a lot of cinnamon buns.