Annual General Meeting in Skanska AB

The following resolutions were made at Skanska AB’s Annual General Meeting held in Stockholm today, inter alia:

The dividend for 2015 was approved in accordance with the Board’s proposal of SEK 7.50 per share. The record date for the dividend is April 8, 2016.

The Annual General Meeting re-elected Pär Boman, John Carrig, Johan Karlström, Fredrik Lundberg, Nina Linander, Jayne McGivern and Charlotte Strömberg as Board members.

Hans Biörck was elected as new Board member and Chairman of the Board.

Further the Annual General Meeting approved the following Board fees:

  • Chairman of the Board: 1,995,000 SEK
  • Board members: 665,000 SEK
  • Members and the Chairman of the Compensation Committee: 100,000 SEK
  • Chairman of the Audit Committee: 200,000 SEK
  • Members of the Audit Committee: 150,000 SEK
  • Chairman and members of the Project Review Committee: 200,000 SEK

The Meeting elected EY as auditor, the auditor in charge will be Hamish Mabon.

The Meeting decided on changes in the Articles of Association regarding notice that notice of a General Meeting of Shareholders has been done.

The Meeting approved the Board’s proposal for principles for salaries and other remuneration to senior executives.

The Meeting resolved to authorize the Board during the period until the next Annual General Meeting to acquire not more than 4,000,000 Series B shares in Skanska. The intention is to secure delivery of shares to the participants in the long-term share-savings program, which was approved by the Annual General meeting on April 11, 2013 (Seop 2014 – 2016).

The meeting resolved to authorize the Board during the period until the next Annual General Meeting to transfer not more than 763,000 Series B Shares in Skanska that have been purchased by virtue of previous authorizations to repurchase own shares, for the purpose of covering certain costs, that may occur in relation to the long-term employee ownership program, resolved by the annual general meetings on April 13, 2010 (Seop 2011 – 2013) and April 11, 2013 (Seop 2014 – 2016).

The Meeting resolved to adopt the Board’s proposal regarding the long-term share-savings program Seop (2017-2019) for all of the Group’s permanent employees for the period 2017-2019. The Annual General Meeting authorized the Board to purchase a maximum of 1,500,000 own Series B shares up to the next Annual General Meeting to secure delivery of shares to the participants in the new program. Furthermore, the Meeting decided to approve the transfer of not more than 11,210,000 Skanska B shares to participants in the program. Each Annual Program may comprise no more than 4,500,000 Series B shares in Skanska.

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Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups with expertise in construction, development of commercial and residential premises, and public-private partnerships projects. Based on its global green experience, Skanska aims to be the clients' first choice for Green solutions. The Group currently has 43,000 employees in selected home markets in Europe and North America. Skanska's sales in 2015 totalled SEK 155 billion.

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Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction and project development companies, focused on selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA. Supported by global trends in urbanization and demographics, and by being at the forefront in sustainability, Skanska offers competitive solutions for both simple and the most complex assignments, helping to build a sustainable future for customers and communities. The Group has about 40,000 employees. Skanska's sales in 2017 totaled SEK 161 billion.