Final decision concerning Finnish competition case

The Supreme Administrative Court of Finland has announced its decision concerning competition-curtailing collusion in the Finnish asphalt sector. The court increased the fine for the seven companies involved, including Skanska, to EUR 82.5 million or about SEK 840 million, of which Skanska’s share amounts to EUR 4.5 million or about SEK 45 million.

Approximately SEK 32 million will be charged against Skanska’s earnings for the third quarter. According to the decision of the Finnish Market Court in December 2007, Skanska was ordered to pay an administrative fee of about SEK 13 million, which has already been expensed. The new ruling cannot be appealed. The ruling is related to competition-curtailing activities conducted within Skanska Asfaltti Oy during the 1990s. Skanska is opposed to all forms of unethical actions. Since 2002, when Skanska adopted a global Code of Conduct, thousands of employees and all new recruits have received training in Skanska’s Code of Conduct. For further information please contact: Peter Gimbe, Press Officer, Skanska AB, tel +46 10 448 88 38 Direct line for media: tel +46 10 448 88 99

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