Invitation to presentation of Skanska’s Nine Month Report on November 5

Skanska’s Nine Month Report 2009 will be presented on Thursday, November 5, 2009. In conjunction with the release of the report, you are invited to participate in a combined press- and telephone conference, at 11.00 am (UK 10.00 am, US Eastern 05.00 am). The press- and telephone conference will be held at Spårvagnshallarna, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 A in Stockholm.

Johan Karlström, Skanska’s President and CEO, and Hans Biörck, EVP and CFO, will present the report and thereafter respond to questions. To participate in the press conference, please contact, no later than Wednesday, November 4. The press conference will be webcast live at, where also a recording of the conference will be available. To participate in the telephone conference, please dial +46 (0)8 505 598 53, or +44 (0) 203 043 24 36, or +1 866 458 40 87. After the conference there will be possibilities for individual meetings with Johan Karlström and Hans Biörck. To apply for a meeting please contact no later than November 4. If you have any practical questions regarding the webcast or the telephone conference, please contact Serhat Ok, tel +46 10 448 64 37 or by mail to Welcome! Pontus Winqvist SVP, Investor Relations Karin Lepasoon EVP, Communications & IR For further information please contact: Pontus Winqvist, Senior Vice President Investor Relations, Skanska AB, tel +46 10 448 88 51 Karin Lepasoon, Executive Vice President Communications & IR, Skanska AB, tel +46 10 448 88 74

About Us

Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction and project development companies, focused on selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA. Supported by global trends in urbanization and demographics, and by being at the forefront in sustainability, Skanska offers competitive solutions for both simple and the most complex assignments, helping to build a sustainable future for customers and communities. The Group has about 40,000 employees. Skanska's sales in 2017 totaled SEK 161 billion.


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