Skanska and NCC to construct garrison in Kosovo

Skanska and NCC to construct garrison in Kosovo The international command, Swedint, of the Swedish Defense Forces has selected a consortium of Skanska and NCC to construct a garrison in Kosovo. Estimated at slightly more than SEK 100 million, the project involves the garrison for the Swedish forces to be stationed in Kosovo. A Letter of Intent has been signed between the Skanska-NCC-Kosovo consortium and Swedint. The project involves construction of a garrison for 850 troops southeast of Pristina in Kosovo. In addition to housing, roads and other infrastructure facilities, the garrison will include cafeterias and dining halls as well as service and recreational facilities on about a 100,000-m2 site. Preparatory work has begun. The first contingent of troops will be on station in October. The entire camp must be completed by the beginning of 2000. "It is important for us to gain access to Skanska's and NCC's expertise. These companies have years of international experience and are organized for rapid action," says Lt. Colonel Göran Fahlgren at the Building and Repairs Readiness Unit (BRB) in the Defense Forces. Lt. Col. Fahlgren will be a member of the project control group. Skanska and NCC are carrying out the project in a 50/50 consortium, with Skanska as manager. The technical resources of the Defense Forces as well as local builders and labor will be used for the project. The camp is being constructed using prefabricated modules and some existing structures will also be utilized. The contract will be signed in the near future after negotiation procedures. The contract also contains an option to construct observation posts along the Serb border and a maintenance depot in Macedonia. The progress of the project can be checked daily on BRB's website, which will be continuously updated from September 30. Stockholm, September 14, 1999 SKANSKA SWEDEN AB Information For additional information, contact: Lt. Colonel Göran Fahlgren, BRB, Tel +46 8 788 99 02, Mobile +46 70 630 39 98, e-mail Stig Eriksson, Area Manager Europe, Skanska International Civil Engineering AB, Tel +46 8 753 80 00 Tom Forssander, Area Manager Europe, NCC International, +46 40 3170 00, Mobile +46 706 46 55 45 This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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