Skanska builds the I-15 Express Lanes project in California, USA, for USD 146M, about SEK 1.3 billion

Skanska has in a joint venture with Ames Construction signed a contract with Riverside County Transportation Commission to construct express lanes on the I-15 freeway in California, USA. The total contract is worth USD 244M. Skanska will include its share of the contract worth USD 146M, about SEK 1.3 billion, in the US order bookings for the first quarter 2017.

The project will improve I-15 between Cajalco Road and State Route 60 in southern California, adding two tolled express lanes in each direction, a distance of 23.5 kilometers.

An enhanced feature of this project is that drivers will be able to access and exit the tolled lanes at multiple locations. Additional project elements include the construction of a series of sound walls along the project corridor as well as widening bridges to accommodate the new express lanes.

Construction will begin in 2018 with anticipated completion in mid-2020.

Skanska is one of the leading development and construction companies in USA, specialized in building construction, civil infrastructure and developing commercial properties in select U.S. markets. Skanska also offers services in public-private partnerships. Skanska USA had sales of SEK 59 billion in 2016 and had about 9,300 employees in its operations.

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