Skanska develops and builds in Malmö

Skanska develops and builds in Malmö Telia ProSoft major tenant Skanska Øresund and Telia ProSoft today joined in breaking ground for a new office building in Malmö. The 8,000 sq. m. office project is a result of Skanska Øresund's project development. Skanska's total investment is SEK 125 million. Telia ProSoft will be the largest tenant, with 5,000 sq. m. Occupancy is scheduled for April 1, 2001. Skanska is continuing with the transformation of Malmö's port area. Skanska Øresund is currently developing projects totaling 50,000 sq. m. in Malmö, in which the new office building in the Östersjön block is another step in development. The Östersjön block is located adjacent to one of Malmö's communication hubs, including the Hovercraft Terminal, Central Rail Station and the planned City Tunnel Station. The modern architecture of the building clearly reflects that it houses workplaces of today and tomorrow. The main façade in glass provides a marine touch that underscores the nearness to the expansive port area. The six-story building's floor plan offers great flexibility, for one to four tenants on each floor. A withdrawn top floor provides space for a roof terrace. The bottom floor contains conference facilities and an auditorium, café and exhibit hall for the building tenants. "Through developing creative and appealing premises for our employees, we offer one of the most attractive workplaces in the Malmö/Lund region," says Lars Richter, Telia ProSoft in Malmö. "Our new location adjacent to communications facilities, the university and technical colleges as well as other IT companies, forms an excellent base for a new software center." "Interest in becoming established in the Öresund region and in Malmö is growing and we are accelerating the pace of development of new projects. Currently, we are working on several large projects on behalf of various customers in the port area and the city center," says Kent Jönsson, President of Skanska Øresund. Stockholm, February 28, 2000 SKANSKA AB Group Communications For further information, contact: Kent Jönsson, President, Skanska Øresund, tel +46 40-14 43 39, +46 70-544 90 31 This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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