Skanska presents awards for environmental contributions

Skanska presents awards for environmental contributions This year marks the inauguration of the Skanska internal environmental prize - the Skanska Award for Outstanding Environmental Contribution. The prize is part of Skanska's ambition to promote initiatives and innovations in the environmental work. The four winning projects contribute to a better environment and a sustainable development. The winners are: · Silver Bell in Colorado, U.S. - Skanska Nielsons, with special expertise in soil contamination, restores contaminated natural settings near an abandoned mine in the Rocky Mountains. Contaminated soil after mining operations is a major universal problem, for which Skanska Nielsons' expertise can gain wider application. · CityCronan, Stockholm - Skanska Project Development Sweden adds environmental value to a large renovation project in central Stockholm. Included in the 82-item list of planned environmental measures is a significant reduction in the building's energy requirements. · Ecometer, Finland - The Ecometer is an instrument developed by Skanska's Finnish subsidiary used to calculate a project's total future impact on the environment. The Ecometer is a practical tool that enables environmentally sound decisions to be made jointly with clients as early as possible in the planning stage. · Environmental Web - Skanska Sweden's valuation system for judging a supplier's environmental performance is utilized to facilitate environmentally correct purchases. Suppliers of everything from consulting services to building materials and fuel are classified in accordance with their environmental performance. Today, more than 300 are on a list which is continuously updated. "I am delighted and impressed with the expertise and initiative to be found within the Group. We have received 33 nominations from all parts of the world. We have elected to divide the award among four contributions that strongly promote an increased environmental expertise, and a development that is sustainable in the long term," says Axel Wenblad, Skanska's Senior Vice President Environment and a member of the jury. Skanska's environmental prize was instituted to recognize and encourage environmental initiative within the Group. The people behind the winning projects will be rewarded with study trips. The basic requirements for participating are measurable results, for example, reduced environmental impact, increased sales, savings or environmental concern. There is also a requirement that the measures contribute to additional value for Skanska's clients. For further information please contact: Axel Wenblad, Senior Vice President Environment, Skanska AB, Tel + 46 70 585 35 50 This and previous releases can also be found at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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