Skanska receives new order and design responsibility for hospital project on Malta worth more than SEK 830 M

Skanska receives new order and design responsibility for hospital project on Malta worth more than SEK 830 M Skanska's ongoing hospital project, the New Tal Qroqq Hospital on Malta, is being expanded. Skanska will now also be responsible for the design. The new order totals USD 176 million (approximately SEK 1,500 M), of which Skanska's share amounts to 55 percent, corresponding to approximately SEK 830 M. The hospital project, which was started in 1995, is now worth a total of approximately SEK 2 billion. The client is Foundation for Medical Services, Malta. Through the expanded order, the hospital's capacity will increase from 480 to 680 beds. In addition, the hospital will be extended to include several healthcare wards and will become a complete general and university hospital. The design of the hospital will now also be included in Skanska's commitment, which will now be a so-called design-build-contract. Through that, Skanska will have total responsibility for the project, which is one of the largest hospital projects presently under construction in Europe. The hospital will have a total area of 230,000 square meters. The hospital will be completed in phases. The first wards will open in 2003 and the entire hospital will be completed in 2005. "Since we are now responsible for the entire project, we can, together with the customer, work towards meeting our quality and budget goals. In that way we can better utilize Skanska's expertise in finding efficient solutions," says Jan Sjöstedt, President of Skanska International within Skanska Europe. Skanska's local partners, which in total have a 45-percent interest, are the Blokrete and Devlands construction companies as well as the Cassar, Grech and Ebejer architect and design firm. Stockholm, February 29, 2000 SKANSKA AB Group Communications For further information, contact: Jan Sjöstedt, President, Skanska International Construction Skanska Europe, Tel. +46 705 92 12 45 Ulf Noréhn, Project Manager, Skanska Malta, Tel. +356 48 64 25 or +356 942 85 76 This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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