Skanska receives new Southern Link order valued at SEK 303 M

Skanska receives new Southern Link order valued at SEK 303 M Skanska has received the order to construct yet another section of the Southern Link in Stockholm. The contract amount is SEK 303 M. The customer is the National Road Administration, Stockholm Region. The order, which involves the construction of approximately 1,000 meters of four-lane highway, includes four bridges, two tunnels and traffic circles, two echo ducts, retaining walls and a lock on the Sickla Canal. The main part of the order will be carried out as a design-construct contract, in which Skanska will contribute solutions and construction work, particularly with regard to the cement operations required by the project. The road construction segment will take the form of a construction contract. This section of the Southern Link stretches mainly along the Hammarby Fabriksväg road in the district of Södra Hammarbyhamnen. Skanska and the National Road Administration have jointly placed strong focus on ensuring the project's quality and environment, which includes the reclamation of a small area of contaminated land. Skanska is already operating such a facility at Hammarby Sjöstad waterside complex. "Constructing this section of the Southern Link along Hammarby Fabriksväg places high demands on Skanska in terms of traffic management. Every day, 37,000 vehicles pass this site and this must be able to continue during the entire period of construction," says Hans Rode, National Road Administration regional manager in Stockholm. The extension of the Southern Link is an element in the development of the communication network within the Stockholm region. Skanska is already responsible for the construction of the western section of the Southern Link. The contract will be carried out in cooperation with Underground Construction and Bridges Division and the Road Construction Stockholm, which are part of Skanska Sweden. Stabilator and Skanska Teknik will also be involved. Stockholm, June 17, 1999 SKANSKA SWEDEN AB Information For additional information, contact: John Söderberg, Department Manager, Skanska Underground Construction and Bridges Division, tel +46-8-753 89 35, or Peter Kembe, Project Manager, Skanska Underground Construction and Bridges Division, tel +46-8-753 8393 Lisa Lindh, Information Manager, Skanska Sweden AB, tel +46 40-14 40 00 or +46 70-600 60 55 This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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