Skanska’s sale of Autopista completed and record date for the extra dividend is set

Skanska has received full payment for the divestment of its 50-percent holding in the PPP highway Autopista Central in Santiago, Chile. Skanska has received a total corresponding to SEK 5.4 Billion of proceeds resulting in a net profit of SEK 4.5 Billion, corresponding to about SEK 11 per share. The income from the divestment will be included in the second quarter 2011.

Since the signing on December 28, 2010, a number of contractual conditions have been fulfilled. The strengthening of the Swedish currency during this period has led to a reduction in net profit expressed in SEK, from previously estimated SEK 5 Billion to SEK 4.5 Billion.

The highway that runs through Santiago, the capital of Chile, is a PPP-project (Private Public Partnership). The buyer is an entity funded by certain public sector pension plans and other government funds whose investments are managed by Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo).

Following the decision at the annual shareholders meeting the Board of Directors has decided that the record date for the extra dividend of SEK 6.25 shall be May 12, 2011, which means the share is traded without right to extra dividend from May 10. The payment of the extra dividend will be distributed on May 17, 2011.      

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