Skanska to build 11 bridges after hurricane catastrophe in Honduras. The order is valued at SEK 250 million

Skanska to build 11 bridges after hurricane catastrophe in Honduras. The order is valued at SEK 250 million Skanska is participating in the reconstruction effort in the Honduras after Hurricane Mitch. The project, is valued at SEK 250 million, involves 11 bridges and 5 kilometers of roadway. A Letter of Intent has been signed with SOPTRAVI (Secretaría de Obras Públicas, Transporte y Vivienda) and a contract will be signed in the near future in the Honduras. The Swedish aid organization Sida is financing the reconstruction of the bridges that collapsed after the flooding caused by Mitch's devastation in October 1998. Skanska will rebuild the 11 bridges in 27 months, with work to begin immediately. "Reconstruction of the country's road network destroyed during Hurricane Mitch is very important to the country's development. Sida will provide SEK 1.4 billion to support the reconstruction in the affected countries during the next three years," says Göran Engstrand, at Sida's infrastructure unit. "We are very pleased to have this opportunity to be involved in the reconstruction in Honduras," says Bengt Johansson, President of Skanska International Civil Engineering. "We are already on site in South America and have a good cooperation with Sida. Consequently, we can begin work quickly, which is important for the country." The project involves new construction and repair of two-lane road bridges, in various lengths up to 450 meters. The bridges are located throughout the country, but most are along the Atlantic coast in the north. The most acute project is reconstruction of a 143-meter-long bridge on the Pacific coast along the main north-south route, the Pan American Highway. Stockholm, September 14, 1999 SKANSKA SWEDEN AB Information For additional information, contact: Bengt Johansson, President, Skanska International Civil Engineering, +46 8-753 8641. Göran Engstrand, Sida's infrastructure unit, +46 8 698 50 00. This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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