Skanska to build and lease out new police building in Växjö

Skanska to build and lease out new police building in Växjö Skanska is to build modern new premises in Växjö, southern Sweden, for the Police Authority and National Correctional Administration. The investment for Skanska will total SEK 150 M. Contracts have been signed with the authorities, 2 who will lease the premises for 15 years. The annual rent for the 14,000 m premises will be approximately SEK 12 M. Skanska's winning entry in the specially organized project competition, consisted of an attractive site and leasing solution, a functional architectural proposal, project management and construction work, plus operating, maintenance and management services. Subsequently, Skanska has developed the project in cooperation with the architectural firm, White, and the customers, the County Police Authority in Kronoberg and the National Correctional Administration. The four-story police building will be centrally located in Växjö in the south of Sweden. The building will be comb-shaped with enclosed courtyards/patios bounded by lower, two-story buildings. The façade will have a smoothly rendered surface, an entirely glass-covered stairwell area and a main entrance facing the Western Market Square. Sections of the recreational patios on the roof will be fitted with glass façades, which through the emission of reflected light will create an impression of warmth and light during the darker months of the year. "This is another result of Skanska's focused efforts in project development in which we provide customized solutions in cooperation with the customer that maximize utility and are cost beneficial. We will build a flexible building, which will meet our customers' high demands for accessibility and security," says Per Harrtoft, business development spokesman at Skanska Building Construction Division. Construction work starts during September 1999 and the new building will be ready for occupation in April 2001. Karlskrona, September 23, 1999 SKANSKA SWEDEN AB Communications Department For further information, please contact: Per Harrtoft, business development executive, Skanska Building Construction Division, Tel +46-455-30 71 53 or Märit Wikström, communications executive, Skanska Building Construction Division, Tel +46-8-753 85 46 This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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