Skanska to construct court building in Florida for USD 77.55 M

Skanska to construct court building in Florida for USD 77.55 M (approximately SEK 660 M) Skanska's Atlanta-based subsidiary, Beers, has received the contract to construct a new federal courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida. The order has a value of USD 77.55 M, which is about SEK 660 M. The General Services Administration is the authority responsible and the customer. The approximately 46,000 sq. m. building will house 17 courtrooms, for such authorities as the U.S. District Court and Clerk of the Court, the U.S. Magistrate Court, the U.S. Marshals' Service, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the U.S. Probation Office and the prosecution authorities, as well as premises for non-court related Federal agencies. The assignment was won through a combination of the expertise in technology and construction management that was provided by the teams at Beers' offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida. Preconstruction services are being started immediately and completion is scheduled for July 2002. In Florida, Beers recently completed a new head office for Hard Rock Café, including the restaurant chain's first Hard Rock Live establishment. Beers also constructed the new Super Hero Island amusement park for Universal Studios. The Beers Construction Company, which is part of Skanska USA, is one of the largest construction service companies in the Southern United States, with total sales of SEK 11.4 billion, approximately USD 1.4 billion in 1998. In its latest report in March 1999, Skanska USA had an order backlog of SEK 48 billion, which represents an increase of approximately 48 percent during the past twelve months. Stockholm, July 7, 1999 SKANSKA AB Group Communication For additional information, contact: Marlene Nieman, Director of Corporate Communications, Beers Construction Co, tel +1 404 656 15 24 Alf Lindström, Group Communication, Skanska AB, tel +46 8 753 88 17 This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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