Skanska to participate in international consortium to construct Swiss Alp tunnel for SEK 3 billion

Skanska to participate in international consortium to construct Swiss Alp tunnel for SEK 3 billion Skanska is a member of the SATCO international consortium that will construct 25 km rail tunnels in the Swiss Alps. The Mitholz tunnel order is worth CHF 586 M (approximately SEK 3.1 billion). Skanska has a 25% share in the contract (approximately SEK 775 M). The customer is BLS ALP Transit AG. SATCO won the order following a broadly based bid contest in which seven international groups of companies participated. The Mitholz project involves 25 km of tunnel blasting, 16 km of which requires a concrete lining. The project is part of the Lötschberg system, providing a link in the European rail network for high-speed trains and goods traffic. The tunnel system will link Raron in the Valais canton with Frutigen in the Bern canton. Work on the Mitholz tunnel will commence in February 2000, and completion is scheduled for December 2005. The SATCO (Swiss Alp Transit Contractors) consortium consists of the following partners: Ilbau (Austria, 30%), Walo Bertschinger (Switzerland, 7%), Rothpletz/Lienhard (Switzerland, 13%), Dumez/GTM (France, 25%) and Skanska (Sweden, 25%). The consortium possesses global experience gained from major tunnel construction projects in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden and the U.S. "By establishing SATCO, we have created a strong international group of companies with years of experience in international tunnel assignments and a satisfactory base in the Swiss market," says Bengt Johansson, President of Skanska International Civil Engineering, which is jointly participating in this project with Skanska Europe. "I am very pleased that we will have this opportunity to demonstrate the Skanska Group's expertise in the European infrastructure market," says Per Hofvander, who is in charge of business development at Skanska Europe. "We regard this as a very attractive market." The project is one phase in the Swiss program to expand its rail network, both for freight and passenger traffic. Construction of approximately 200 km of new tunnels designed for high-speed trains is planned within the next ten years: Large tunnel dimensions will also permit efficient goods traffic, including trucks transported by rail. Stockholm, February 17, 2000 SKANSKA AB Group Communications For further information, contact: Stig Holmqvist, Vice President, Skanska International Civil Engineering, Tel +46 70 - 341 34 79 or + 46 8-753 86 08 Per Hofvander, Director of Business Development, Skanska Europe, Tel +46 705 -13 34 77 or + 46 40-14 47 77 This and previous releases are also available on ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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