SKF sets new world standard for spherical roller bearings

SKF sets new world standard for spherical roller bearings A new generation of spherical roller bearings that provide up to three times longer life than any other spherical roller bearing is now available from SKF. These Explorer Series bearings afford previously unattainable benefits to original equipment manufacturers and end users, in applications that include gearboxes and pinion gears, fans, pumps, printing presses, and in the mining, construction, papermaking, steelmaking, petrochemical, food, textile and wastewater industries. The new bearings are a result of an intensive research project launched in 1995. At that time a team of experts from several SKF core competencies, including bearing design, metallurgy, tribology, lubrication, precision measuring and manufacturing managed the project, with critical input from additional SKF resources worldwide. The new bearings have been extensively tested at the SKF Engineering and Research Centre (ERC) in the Netherlands. Performance enhancements, such as the bearings' higher load ratings, come from engineering improvements made at the micro and molecular levels. The Explorer bearings are now manufactured at the SKF units in Sweden, England and Malaysia. Significant leap in bearing performance Explorer bearings are marked individually with the word EXPLORER, otherwise they look the same as conventional SKF spherical roller bearings. The new bearings have ISO / RBEC boundary dimensions, and are dimensionally interchangeable with standard spherical roller bearings. According to Henning Wittmeyer, Head of Technology Development at SKF, the Explorer Series represents a significant leap in bearing performance. "The Explorer bearings set a new world standard for endurance and performance in spherical roller bearings", said Mr Wittmeyer, "the bearings are so good we actually had to modify certain factors in the formula to calculate their life expectancy". He went on to say: "The new bearings will influence the work of design and maintenance engineers - maintenance schedules can be revised and new performance options are opened up." Explorer offers up to three times longer service life (depending on operating conditions) than the same size standard spherical roller bearing. Size down or power-up The new bearings' higher load ratings offer valuable "size down or power-up" advantages for design engineers working on both new and existing designs. Explorer bearings make it possible to reduce overall dimensions, achieve material cost and weight reductions, and also increase energy efficiency. A smaller bearing runs cooler and generates less vibrations. Further, an Explorer bearing with lower cross section can permit the use of a larger shaft and yield a stiffer design. Extended life cuts maintenance and replacement costs Explorer bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with conventional spherical roller bearings and the new bearings can also be used to upgrade an existing machine. By changing to Explorer bearings, for example, torque can be increased by 15% to 25% in a gearbox depending on the operating conditions. The new bearings will be available in sealed and unsealed versions. Göteborg, September 16, 1999 Aktiebolaget SKF (publ.) For further information, please contact: Lars G Malmer, SKF Group Communication, tel +46-31-3371541, e-mail: Aktiebolaget SKF, SE-415 50 Göteborg, Sweden tel +46-31-3371000, fax +46-31-3372832, ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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