SKF strengthens its position in magnetic bearings

SKF strengthens its position in magnetic bearings SKF has acquired all the outstanding shares in Revolve Magnetic Bearings Inc., Calgary, Canada. Prior to this acquisition, SKF held a minority interest in this company that is a leader in development, application and production of magnetic bearing systems in the industrial rotating equipment market. In the magnetic bearing, the rotary axle "floats" in a magnetic field. Sensors and computer control ensure that the axle remains in a fixed position. Since there is no metallic contact in magnetic bearings, they are able to withstand extremely high rotary speeds. A variety of market drivers are pushing for applications with magnetic bearings. In the semiconductor industry an extremely pure environment is necessary to manufacture chips with increasingly complex circuitry. Magnetic bearings are used in the turbo molecular pumps, which create the vacuum necessary for high quality yields. Air conditioning turbo compressors, where environmental concerns have lead to the replacement of certain refrigerants are using magnetic bearings to solve the problem with the more aggressive new refrigerants. High-speed spindles for machine tools is another interesting application that gives higher quality components. Göteborg, September 27, 2000 Aktiebolaget SKF (publ.) For further information, please contact: Lars G Malmer, SKF Group Communication, tel +46-(0)31-3371541, e-mail: Aktiebolaget SKF, SE-415 50 Göteborg, Sweden, tel +46-31-3371000, fax +46- 31-3372832, ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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