Smarter Interactive discover demand for improved workplace training at the annual Learning Technologies conference

Smarter Interactive, the award winning Gold SMART Business Solutions Provider, discovered an overwhelming demand for consultancy on how to improve the delivery of workplace training in a survey they conducted at the annual Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London.

Hundreds of visitors sought out Smarter Interactive’s expert advice in communications and collaboration at the Learning Technologies show.

The most common issues discussed by visitors to Smarter Interactive’s stand were how to improve current training delivery, as many currently use Powerpoint on a projector and a flip chart as their method of training.

The majority of people on the stand expressed their need to connect with trainees remotely to deliver real time training over distances.

There were an overwhelming number of attendees who wanted to create more interactive and creative training videos which allow handwritten notes to be quickly created as part of the video, and then uploaded to a learning platform.

Enquirers included representatives from prestigious organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, the Royal Navy, JCB, Capita, KIA Cars, Inchcape, ICI Paints of Dulux and the Training Manager of British Airways.

Jon Knight, Director, Smarter Interactive, says, “As we expected, there was a large number of high profile companies who highlighted the issue of training delivery methods, and who were impressed by our solutions. At Smarter Interactive, we believe in consistently improving productivity, making processes smart and efficient, and maximising overall business performance.”

Throughout the event, Jon found delegates’ highest priorities were to give their organisations a more competitive edge, an improved ROI and a quicker turnaround on workload. Delegates often mentioned a desire for more unified communications, and more effective meetings.

Jon offered his consultative capabilities, discussing solutions such as data conferencing, video chat and audio collaborations to achieve this. Visitors to the Smarter Interactive stand were impressed by benefits such as cost reductions, time saving and lighter workload, and how the solutions also presented a natural way of working together.

Delegates also brought up issues of staff retention and motivation, and the solution of flexible working to improve this. Using his consultative expertise, Jon explained how Smarter Interactive’s solutions allowed working from home, adaptable working hours and flexible work spaces in the office to become much more viable possibilities. The result of reduced travel was much discussed, as visitors agreed this was a great way to achieve a better balance between leisure and work.

Smarter Interactive was of the few stands offering interactive products, and the only company offering interactive whiteboards at the event: the company exhibited three of their premium LCD interactive whiteboards, and gave informative demonstrations of the equipment unrivalled in quality.

Jon Knight explained that the outcome of the event presented itself in three key messages:

Jon highlighted the ability to connect with trainees remotely over a distance using the technology solution, increasing efficiency and saving costs: time wasted on miscommunications, misunderstandings and misinterpretations is converted into effective training time for organisations, whilst travel expenses are removed.

The SMART Boards can also be used to create more interactive and creative training videos, allowing handwritten notes to be quickly added and uploaded to a learning platform. Jon emphasised the significance of stimulating a spirit of participation throughout all company delegates; sharing information and ideas through audio-visual collaboration solutions immediately saves work time, and allows universal collaboration.

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