Asbestos Improperly Removed from Arkansas Building

The removal and disposal of asbestos construction products from a Morrilton, Arkansas may have been handled improperly and potentially increased the risk of some residents eventually developing mesothelioma.

According to the Associated Press, a building owned by J.J. Magie was previously damaged when an adjacent building collapsed. Plans were developed to demolish the damaged building, with Magie claiming that he had received written permission to do so. He also never mentioned contacting the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), as he was required to do.

As a result, the removal of asbestos construction products in the building were not properly monitored, and could have been damaged to the point that they posed a mesothelioma risk to construction workers and those who work and/or lived near the building.

Stewart Nelson, the mayor of Morrilton, said that Magie was aware he needed a permit from the ADEQ for the demolition and disobeyed the law. The AP reports that Magie will cooperate with the ADEQ going forward.

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