Birth Injury Lawsuit Results in $7 million Award

The family of an Irish boy who was born with cerebral palsy that was caused by medical error has received €5.5 million – approximately $7.1 million - following a birth injury lawsuit against hospital responsible for the mistakes.

According to RTE, then-pregnant Michelle Brady was admitted to Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland on March 27, 2000 for high blood pressure. Days later she was admitted to a labor ward where she gave birth to her son Cian via Caesarean section.

However, according to the cerebral palsy lawsuit that eventually followed, the hospital mismanaged Cian’s birth. The birth injury lawsuit claimed that Cian had abnormally low blood sugar and was cold yet the hospital did not properly have a pre-warmed incubator available for him, and instead put him in Michelle’s bed to warm him up.

As a result of the mismanagement during his birth, Cian – now 10-years-old – was diagnosed with cerebral palsy that has left him short-sighted, epileptic, and with a vocabulary of only 10 words.

The money that the Clarks received from the birth injury lawsuit will be used to fund medical care for Cian over the course of the rest of his life.

If you have a child who was born with a birth injury such as cerebral palsy that can be attributed to medical error, there may be legal options at your disposal. Contact Sokolove Law today to learn more about possibly pursuing a cerebral palsy lawsuit.


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