Boiron Inc. Sued in Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

Boiron Inc. has agreed to pay up to $12 million to settle six class actionconsumer fraud lawsuits that claimed the company’s French homeopathic medicines did not work as advertised.

According to Law360 (subscription required), the consumers in the class actions claimed that Boiron’s products such as Arnicare pain reliever, Oscillococcinum flu remedy, Coldcalm cold remedy, and Chestal cough contained active ingredients that were greatly diluted to the point where they were nonexistent. They also claimed that the company violated California’s Legal Remedies Act, unfair competition and false advertising laws.

The settlement will compensate consumers seeking refunds on products they purchased. Boiron must also add a disclaimer to its labeling to state that their products have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as well as how the active ingredients have been diluted.

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