Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Filed Against Kansas Hospital

A Kansas couple filed a birth injury lawsuit against the medical team that assisted in the labor and delivery of their son who was born with severe brain injuries.

According to the Dodge Globe, Michael and Christy May claim that their son’s injuries were caused by medical negligence. Christy states that she was given Cyotec and Oxycotin as inducing agents after being admitted to the hospital. She claims that her doctor told her the drugs were safe to use.

When the infant’s heart rate declined, the medical team used a vacuum extractor in two separate attempts to speed the delivery process. Christy was then prepped for a Caesarean section, but the baby’s heart rate continued to decline and he displayed symptoms of seizure.

One year after his birth, the May’s son was diagnosed with microcephaly with spastic quadriplegia, a form of cerebral palsy.

The cerebral palsy lawsuit claims that the hospital staff responded improperly to the child’s distress indicated on the fetal monitor. The lawsuit also claims that the damage to the baby’s brain and central nervous system was directly caused by the actions of the medical staff.

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