New Fracking Regulations Imposed in Ohio

Ohio oil and gas regulators have announced a set of strict new regulations for drillers in the state that were prompted after fracking was found to be the likely cause for a dozen earthquakes in northeastern Ohio.

According to the New York Daily News, well operators are now required to submit more comprehensive geological data when requesting a drill site. They will also be required to electronically track the chemical composition of all drilling wastewater.

The Department of Natural Resources has also included the following new guidelines:

• Any future injections into the Precambrian rock will not be allowed and existing wells that penetrate the formation will be closed.

• High quality volume and pressure monitoring will be required.

• Electronic tracking systems that identify the composition of wastewater from drilling will be required.

Fracking involves releasing underground gas by injecting water into the earth. Because water treatment plants are not designed to remove some of the pollutants left in the water, drillers commonly dispose of it by re-injecting it into the ground, a practice that is banned in some U.S. states.

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